Education for Girls in Shabunda District

Boosting Quality Education for Girls in Secondary School Shabunda District.

Education for Girls in Shabunda District

Shabunda District is a remote, exceedingly poor, politically unstable and fragile area, after decades of war. The quality of the schools is not high and the schools depend on contributions of parents and have difficulties to attract qualified teachers. Many schools suffer from weak and inefficient governance and administration, school leaders have poor management skills, parent committees are weak and teachers are poorly skilled and unmotivated, resulting in a low quality of education and poor learning outcomes.

Education statistics of girls are more worse than for boys. The transition rate from primary to secondary school is 85%, but only 13% complete secondary education (mainly boys). The main reasons for the high drop-out rate of girls are the high costs of education, the lack of quality and relevance, the lack of proper sanitation, early marriages and pregnancy.


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