Electronic Libraries in Ukraine through the "Bibliomist" Program

The “Bibliomist” program aims to increase the relevance and value of libraries to Ukrainian citizens.

Electronic Libraries in Ukraine - "Bibliomist" Program

Bibliomist, a partnership between USAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is working together with national and local governments across Ukraine to help libraries better serve their communities through training and technology. The four-year program will equip more than 1,000 public libraries in Ukraine with access to computers and the Internet. It will also train librarians how to introduce innovative services and strengthen the capacity of the Ukrainian Library Association (ULA), so it can continue to support and advocate for modern libraries in Ukraine. In support of the goals of the program, Microsoft Corp., a partner of the foundation’s Global Libraries initiative, will donate an estimated $4.4 million in software to Ukraine’s public libraries. Shared access to computing is a priority for Microsoft Ukraine through its Unlimited Potential program, which donates software to non-profits and sponsors e-skills trainings throughout Ukraine.


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Key Information

LocationEastern Europe, Ukraine
  • Start Date 2009
  • End Date 2013
  • ValueUSD 24 Million