Employment For Persons With Disabilities

The objective of the alliance is to train and place 40 people with disabilities in jobs in the finance sector.

Employment For Persons With Disabilities

FUNTER is responsible for conducting two training courses, each for 20 people with disabilities. The partnership also includes the building of alliances with potential employers, such as CitiBank. This alliance assists employers comply with the legislative mandate that 1 in 25 employees at a company be persons with disabilities. FUNTER is responsible for designing the training courses, working with employers such as CitiBank to identify potential candidates for training, select a group of 40 individuals who have the potential to acquire the necessary work skills, helping trainees find employment opportunities, and promoting the program so more companies like CitiBank become involved and understand how to work with those with disabilities. FUNTER is contributing US$40,660 to this project by paying for training staff, computers, and other services. CitiBank was the first company to participate in this program and work closely with FUNTER to employ disabled individuals. CitiBank provided US$18,000 by paying for a portion of the training costs, equipment and tests. The USAID Improving Access to Employment Program is overseeing this project and ensuring that FUNTER is carrying out the project in a way that the target number of 40 trainees is reached. The Program is contributing US$43,339 to the project by paying for a portion of training costs and paying the majority of the participants’ per diem. The only indirect support for this partnership is that which is provided by CARANA Corporation; the primary implementer of the USAID Improving Access to Employment Program.


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  • CARANA Corporation

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Key Information

LocationEl Salvador, Latin America and Caribbean
  • Start Date 2010
  • End Date 2011
  • ValueUSD 145 Thousand