Empower Award for Young Entrepreneurial Excellence

To help talented young Bulgarians realize their full potential through supporting the establishment of real businesses focused on innovative ideas.

Empower Award for Young Entrepreneurial Excellence

The Empower Award is a national competition for young entrepreneurs established in 2010, which aims at helping talented young Bulgarians to realize their full potential through supporting the establishment of real businesses.

The focus of the competition is on developing new businesses that are innovative and useful for society, as the aim is to both help the Bulgarian economy prosper and help solve challenging societal problems. The program aims to fill in the need for a professionally managed, sustainable, nationwide business plan competition to encourage the establishment of innovative socially responsible start-up businesses by young Bulgarians. The long-term sustainable presence of such a program in the country is of crucial importance for encouraging and supporting the establishment of innovative enterprises with transformational impact on society, and for creating a favorable environment for their growth and development. The program also incorporates a significant educational component focused on entrepreneurship, organized in the form of monthly meetings for participants lead by business leaders, functional experts, angel investors, funding institutions, and professional organizations.

The major goal of the Empower Award is to create opportunities for empowering young entrepreneurs to realize their full potential and to become the active and leading force behind the development of the Bulgarian economy in terms of competitiveness and adaptivness to the new environment of the 21st century. The long-term goal of the Program is the development of a self-sustaining global model for funding early stage innovation and technologies as well as to build a long-term partnership of organizations with broad networks and experiences, united by the mission to promote innovative entrepreneurship.


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Key Information

LocationBulgaria, Eastern Europe
  • Start Date 2010
  • End Date 2011
  • ValueUSD 107 Thousand