Improving Diabetes Care

The partnership educates patients to increase self-control & improve the quality of their lives and to aims raise public awareness of diabetes.

Every Day is Yours

The partnership provides diabetes patients with educational materials and programs with formats specially developed for each type of patients.

Within the program, different sports events (Diaspartakade) for adolescents with T1DM are organized to demonstrate that diabetes mellitus is not a barrier to success and active lifestyle.

Trainings for parents of diabetes patients are organized in order to improve their psycho-emotional condition and to help them to concentrate on the process of quality control of the disease, which is the best guarantee of their children’ physical and psychological welfare in the future.

In 2012, in partnership with the Russian Diabetes Association the e-diabetes school has been launched, where people with diabetes and their caregivers may get important information about the disease and get qualified help by medical professionals.

For endocrinologists who moderate Diabetes Schools in Russian regions, educational trainings are organized on the basis of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and international programs on experience exchange.

Since its initiation in autumn 2009, over 130 diabetes educational workshops with participation of over 15,000 patients have been organized. In 2012, 3,000 patients gathered around the 30 planned events 30,000 visitors consulted the e-diabetes school.

In 2013, 4,250 patients were trained in Diabetes Schools; 38 educational events were held; 5,931 calls on the hotline; 6 Diaspartakiada were held - 310 children from 18 regions participated in them.


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