Better Healthcare for Indigenous Populations in Brazil

Through this partnership Pfizer supports a local NGO to bring specialty medical care and surgical care to isolated regions, benefiting indigenous populations in Brazil.

Expedicionários da Saúde

Isolated indigenous communities in Brazil receive basic preventive health care from the government, but there are many operational difficulties related to difficult access to communities, serious cases, as well as elective surgeries depend on transfer to medical centers in the region.

In these regions there is a high incidence of degenerative eye diseases such as cataracts or pterygium, as well as hernias and other conditions that arise within a community that relies on their physical strength.

Expedicionários da Saúde (EDS) is a Brazilian non-profitable organization established in 2003 by a group of physicians who volunteered to bring specialty medical care and surgical care to isolated regions, benefiting indigenous populations. In 2012, this NGO gained Pfizer support, thus contributing to improve the infrastructure in indigenous communities, load transportation, logistics for the medical team, fuel to transport patients and with meals for patients and teams.

Since February 2004, the organization provided 25,000 clinical examinations and conducted 4,431 surgeries on individuals of indigenous populations and to those living along Brazilian Amazon rivers. Furthermore, in 2010, after the earthquake in Haiti, EDS sent seven SOPS Haiti teams, performing 359 surgeries and 1,407 outpatient services.

In 2014, the NGO is seeking to perform three expeditions to Amazon. The first one happened in April in Xingu park, in the state of Maro Grosso. The group of volunteers provided 147 surgeries and more than 1,200 medical attendances.

Approximately 4,500 clinical examinations and 600 surgeries are expected to be provided this year.


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    Expedicionários da Saúde is a Brazilian non-profit organization created in 2003 by a group of volunteer doctors willing to take specialized medicine, primarily surgical care, to...

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