Asia's Regional Response to Endangered Species Trafficking (ARREST)

ARREST (Asia’s Regional Response to Endangered Species Trafficking), fight trafficking in illegal wildlife in Asia in three ways: reduce consumer demand, strengthen law enforcement and strengthen regional cooperation and anti-trafficking networks.

Freeland Foundation

ARREST is a five-year program funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by FREELAND Foundation. The program is fighting trafficking in illegal wildlife in Asia in three ways: reducing consumer demand, strengthening law enforcement, and strengthening regional cooperation and anti-trafficking networks. The partnership unites the efforts of the member states of ASEAN, China and South Asia, NGOs, and private sector organizations. Together, these dedicated people and organizations are helping Asia respond to the challenge of protecting its unique wildlife.


  • Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

    Implementing NGO
    Singapore | Staff size: 6-25

    ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) is a pioneering Singapore-based charity and Institution of Public Character (UEN T01SS0121K), founded by Singaporeans in 2001 with the...

  • Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV)

    Advocacy NGO
    Viet Nam | Staff size: 26-50

    Education for Nature - Vietnam (ENV) was established in 2000 as Vietnam’s first non-governmental organization focused on the conservation of nature and the protection of the...


    Advocacy NGO
    Thailand | Staff size: 6-25

    The MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) campaign is a multimedia initiative produced by MTV EXIT Foundation (formerly known as the MTV Europe Foundation) to raise awareness and increase...

  • Freeland Foundation

    Advocacy NGO
    Thailand | Staff size: 6-25

    FREELAND is dedicated to making the world free of human slavery and wildlife trafficking by increasing law enforcement capacity, supporting vulnerable...

  • ASEAN Wildlife Enforcement Network

    Thailand | Staff size: 1-5

    Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN-WEN) is large wildlife law enforcement network that involves police, customs and environment agencies of all 10...

  • AsiaworksTV

    Service Providers
    Indonesia | Staff size: Unknown

    About AsiaWorks

    AsiaWorks is an independent multi-media company specializing in communications services including video, interactive-multiplatform and television...

  • Green Eyes China

    Implementing NGO
    China | Staff size: Unknown

    Green Eyes runs an animal rehabilitation clinic, conducts environmental outreach and education programs, and provides trainings to local-law enforcement on illegally traded endangered...

  • National Geographic

    United States | Staff size: 1001-5000

    The National Geographic Society is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization that pushes the boundaries of exploration to further their understanding of their planet and...

  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

    Funding Agencies
    United States | Staff size: Unknown

    USAID is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential.

    U.S. foreign assistance has...

  • Conservation International (CI)

    Implementing NGO
    United States | Staff size: 501-1000

    For nearly 30 years, Conservation International (CI) has been protecting nature for the benefit of all​.

    Conservation International knows that human beings are totally dependent on...

  • Wildlife Alliance

    Advocacy NGO
    United States | Staff size: 101-250

    Wildlife Alliance is the leader in direct protection to forests and wildlife in the Southeast Asian tropical belt. Their mission is to combat deforestation, wildlife extinction, climate change,...

  • The ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB)

    Staff size: 6-25

    The ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB), established in 2005, is ASEAN’s response to the challenge of biodiversity loss. It is an intergovernmental organization that facilitates...

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Key Information

LocationEast Asia and Pacific, Viet Nam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, China, Cambodia
  • Start Date 2011
  • End Date 2016
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