Saving Lives of Breast Cancer Patients in Russia

A partnership to drive public and stakeholders' (officials, general public, medical community) attention to the problem of breast cancer treatment in Russia, and importance of diagnosis at early stage and access to modern treatment.

Giving Life a Chance

Breast cancer is among the most acute women's health problems in Russia. Each year, 59,500 women in Russia are diagnosed with breast cancer and over 23,500 women die from it. In Russia, the survival rate of breast cancer women is half of the rates in other countries, such as the U.S.A. or European ones, as only a limited number of patients gets access to quality treatment. Only 26% of Russian women receive modern treatment in line with international standards.

Sanofi Russia launched an awareness campaign and support programs for breast cancer patients in cooperation with the leading Russian cancer institutes and clinics.

The program makes use of traditional communication channels as well as social media, conveying high-impact messages like: Each day in Russia, 47 children lose their mothers to breast cancer

In 2013, 3,576 patients from 75 cities gained access to quality treatment in line with international standards. The program helped to draw attention of the Russian government officials to BC issues in Russia. Since the beginning of the program in December 2010, 8878 women benefited from treatment.
In 2013, the program was ranked among Russia's Top 20 Best social projects for the second consecutive year.


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