Sanofi's Commitment to Fighting Diabetes in China

The partnership aims to gather data and information on the coverage, cost and care ("3Cs") of Type 1 diabetes disease in China. Moreover, it aims to increase local awareness on the need to improve care for people with Type 1 diabetes.

Going Beyond Together - Caring for Type 1

The “Going Beyond Together - Caring for Type 1” project led by Sanofi in collaboration with the Chinese Diabetes Society (CDS) is based on the results of the 3C (Coverage, Cost, Care) study that highlights the unmet needs of Chinese with type 1 diabetes. The project aims to raise awareness of the disease, eliminate discrimination, and optimize treatment standards and care. The results of the 3C study launched in 2011 also provide a better understanding of healthcare coverage and costs. The Chinese Diabetes Society has called for higher levels of reimbursement for outpatient treatment in an effort to reduce the financial burden for patients with type 1 diabetes and their families.


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LocationChina, East Asia and Pacific
  • Start Date 2011