Health Mutual Fund

Sanofi is helping to improve the lives of the most excluded communities and enabling vulnerable families to have easy access to healthcare and be financially protected against health risk in India.

Health Mutual Fund

Due to the lack of a universal social protection system, Sanofi and Inter Aide introduced an innovative model of social protection for the poorest families living in certain districts of Pune and Mumbai. The Health Mutual Fund aims to break the vicious circle of poverty compounded by diseases. The Sanofi Espoir Foundation is supporting the implementation of participatory mutual insurance schemes that provide health coverage to very low-income families living below the poverty line. Its clear objective is to empower the most advantaged communities to improve their living conditions by themselves. When micro-credit becomes available, families consistently tend to join to a mutual health insurance scheme for a fee of 100 INR (€1.7 per person).

This entitles them to: a refund for hospitalization worth up to 15,000 INR (about €260); access to contracted healthcare providers where rates are negotiated on average 30% below standard market prices; a system of referrals and telephone support (a healthcare hotline available 24h/24); and further preventive health activities (free medical consultations, healthcare briefings).

In total, 5 mutual health insurance services were created in the townships of Pune and Bombay, what represents 55 272 members and a network of 300 partner structures of health. In 2013, 3,437 insured people benefited from free medical consultations.


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  • Start Date 2003