Healthy Births in Arkhangai

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health in Mongolia and Santé Sud, Sanofi Espoir Foundation aimed to strengthen the efforts to improve maternal and child health for the people of Arkhangai, Mongolia.

Healthy Births in Arkhangai

The main objective of the project supported by the Sanofi Espoir Foundation is to improve the quality of care for the population of Arkhangai by boosting the skills of health workers in obstetrics and neonatal care, building networks among all associated stakeholders in maternal and child health in the region, and stepping up the organization of all hospitals involved in the maternal and child care value chain.

This program forms part of the strategic health development plan in the Arkhangai region led by the Regional Directorate of Health. Together with Sante Sud, the program aims to achieve the following outcome: maternal and child health between firstline and reference will be managed by the Regional Directorate of Health; Soum hospitals will develop their own project; health personnel gain full competence in maternal and child healthcare; and health facilities will be properly equipped to enable better maternal and child healthcare.


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LocationMongolia, East Asia and Pacific
  • Start Date 2012