Helping the Fight against Hepatitis in China

Of the 350 million people chronically infected with the hepatitis B virus (HBV) worldwide, around 100 million live in China. HBV is a main cause of chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, and primary liver cancer. People with hepatitis are often unaware of their infection or simply do not have access to treatment in China. Roche and partners aims to bring technology. Roche aims to bring diagnostics testing and therapy service to patients living with Hepatitis B in China.

Helping the Fight against Hepatitis in China

Roche established a diagnostic capacity and medical training to improve know-how for wider access to correct treatment regimes. Diagnostics play a key role in developing targeted medicines and in combining drugs with sophisticated tests that assess whether a patient is likely to respond to treatment. Today, over 60% of new Roche compounds are developed in conjunction with a diagnostic test. Both its Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics Divisions work closely together to ensure the right treatment is offered to the right patient.

Given the prevalence of Hepatitis B in China, it is vital to identify those patient sub-groups most likely to benefit from a targeted therapy. As a result, more and more patients see improved outcomes. This integrated approach means the patient’s quality of life is enormously improved and resources are used optimally.

In China, Roche is piloting a number of differential pricing models in partnership with local NGOs and government organizations. The aim is to tailor prices to the needs of patients and healthcare providers across countries, and within population segments, based on their ability to pay. This program has seen the treatment Pegasys (for Hepatitis B and C), grow from reaching 8,000 patients in 2010 to reaching 14,000 patients in 2013.


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