Improving Access to Hepatitis Treatment

Affordability of treatment is a significant problem in Egypt, so in order to address this in 2007 Roche introduced Pegferon, a second brand of its hepatitis treatment, Pegasys. This is the same medicine as the first brand, but is packaged locally in vial form. This allows Roche to sell the medicine at a lower price to the Government and as a result has increased access to treatment all over the country. Roche completes this offer with products for diagnosis and treatment monitoring, helping to maximise medical service and patient benefit.

Improving Access to Hepatitis Treatment

Egypt has one of the highest burdens of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in the world, with a 10% prevalence of chronic HCV infection among persons aged 15–59 years. Improving Access to Hepatitis Treatment is a program by Roche, in partnership with Egypt Ministry health. The program aims to increase the access to Hepatitis C treatment and products for diagnosis and monitoring in Egypt.

In 2007 Roche started working with the Egyptian government to establish a national project for treating chronic Hepatitis C. Part of the project included packaging Pegasys locally in a different form (vial vs. a pre-filled syringe) and under a different trade name (Pegferon vs. Pegasys). This allowed for the introduction of differential pricing within Egypt, with Pegferon available at a significantly reduced price to the government, compared to the form sold in the private sector under the Pegasys brand.

In addition, Roche partnered with a local manufacturer in Egypt to package and distribute the pegferon. This involved sharing manufacturing and supply chain management practices, thereby building local capabilities and expertise and generating local employment. Roche also offers products for diagnosis and treatment monitoring along with awareness programs, helping to maximise medical service and patient benefit.

Since the project’s inception, more than 160,000 patients have been treated with Pegferon who otherwise may not have received treatment. Additionally, this helped strengthen Roche’s relationship with the Ministry of Health, and with both public and medical societies.


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