Improving Children’s Nutrition Through School-Based Services

Since 1991, the Giao Diem Humanitarian Foundation has been providing humanitarian services to rural areas of Vietnam. It is focused on providing financial and nutritional support for malnourished children, supporting orphanages for the poor and nursing homes for the elderly, assisting with free medical mobile clinics and assisting with natural disasters. The Abbott Fund provides support to Giao Diem through its partner AmeriCares.

Improving Children’s Nutrition Through School-Based Services

Abbott and Abbott Fund are partnering with AmeriCares and Giao Diem to address pediatric malnutrition. During the 2010-2011 school year, the partnership supported classrooms across four rural provinces of Vietnam – Ben Tre, Quang Tri, Hue, and An Giang. The majority of participating children live in the Hue and Quang Tri provinces in Vietnam’s Central Highland region, where malnutrition rates are among the highest in the country. Mountainous terrain and limited arable land make these provinces extremely vulnerable to the impact of natural disasters, which has a detrimental effect on livelihoods, health status, food security and infrastructure.

On a daily basis, children are provided with soy milk freshly made and fortified with peanuts; soybean oil; a hot breakfast, multi-vitamins and minerals, Abbott’s nutritional products, during the flooding and rainy season (Dec-Feb). Students enrolled in the program also undergo three health screenings by health professionals.

The program provides on-site training seminars for both parents and teachers, teaching them about proper nutrition needs and care as well as how to use local materials and resources, like soybeans to provide for children.

The program supports the refurbishment and improvement of school kitchens.

The project activities are customized and tailored to meet the nutritional needs of the children at each site. For families classified as poor, the project fully subsidizes the cost of soymilk production. Leveraging Abbott resources, product donations of Abbott’s nutritional products are made each year during flood/hurricane season (December – February) to address the rise in malnutrition during this period. In addition, soybean oil has been introduced into the daily diets of children to increase daily consumption of calories and protein.


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    Giao Diem Humanitarian Foundation (GDHF) is a gathering of volunteers dedicated to humanitarian activities in Vietnam since 1991. Overseen by its Board of Directors, GDHF’s volunteer staff...

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