Scale-up of Electronic Antiretroviral Management System in Namibia

USAID, Management Sciences for Health and MTC have been working together to improve Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) commodity tracking and patient management in pharmacies in Namibia. To enable this, an electronic antiretroviral (ARV) management tool and a national database of ARV information was handed over to the Ministry of Health and Social Services in 2010.

Improving Data Collection at ART Pharmacies

USAID funded and Management Sciences for Health managed, Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) Program developed and implemented an electronic antiretroviral (ARV) management tool and a national database (NDB) of antiretroviral (ARV) dispensing information. Both were developed by MSH in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) - and fully handed over to the MoHSS in early 2010. Installed in 49 facilities across Namibia, the ARV management tool is built on MSH’s electronic dispensing tool (EDT). EDT is a real-time tool used to help pharmacy staff track their stock of ARVs and other medicines and monitor patient adherence through recording individual patient activity. Through use of the EDT, pharmacy staff are able to forecast medicines requirements, preventing stock-outs and disruption in treatment. The EDT data from all the health facilities is aggregated and is stored in the National Database (NDB) with the MoHSS. Mobile Telecommunications Limited Namibia (MTC) enables timely and efficient data migration from facilities to the NDB using 3G devices and the MTC network across the country. Over 110 pharmacy personnel have been trained in ART dispensing and use of the EDT. In October 2012, USAID donated 64 computers equipped with an EDT and an electronic pharmacy management information system. along with 49 label printers which are now in use at more than 45 health facilities across the country.


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LocationSouthern Africa, Namibia
  • Start Date 2010