Improving nutrition through African Orphan Crops

An international effort to improve the nutrition, productivity and the climate adaptability of some Africa’s most important food crop.

Improving nutrition through African Orphan Crops

In 2011, The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) committed to lead a consortium of companies, scientific and government bodies, and civil organizations to sequence, assemble, annotate, and make over two dozen genomes of 100 traditional African food crops and tree species neglected by science publicly available. The African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC) was launched as an international effort to improve the nutrition, productivity and climate adaptability of some of the Africa’s important food crops, helping to decrease the malnutrition and stunting rife among the continent’s rural children.

In addition, the AOCC established the African Plant Breeding Academy in Ghana. The academy will train 250 African scientists and 500 African technicians in plant breeding techniques to improve these newly sequenced crops. The resulting genetic information will be placed into a public domain over a web site accessible to anyone who registers. The website will be managed by the intellectual property organization PIPRA.


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (B&MGF)

    United States | Staff size: 1001-5000
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  • NEPAD Business Foundation

    South Africa | Staff size: 6-25

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  • Mars, Inc.

    Goods Supplier
    United States | Staff size: 10,000+

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  • Du Pont

    Goods Supplier, Service Providers
    Staff size: 10,000+

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  • World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

    Kenya | Staff size: 251-500

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  • Pioneer Hi-Bred/Dupont Inc.

    Service Providers
    Staff size: Unknown

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  • WWF

    Implementing NGO
    United States | Staff size: 5001-10,000

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  • African Academy of Sciences (AAS)

    Kenya | Staff size: Unknown

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  • Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI)

    China | Staff size: 1001-5000

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LocationGhana, West Africa
  • Start Date 2011
  • End Date 2015
  • ValueUSD 750 Thousand