Improving Supply Chain Management in Morocco

Sanofi together with the Ministries of Health signed an agreement to share the expertise of on supply chain management.

Improving Supply Chain Management in Morocco

Sanofi Morocco designed together with the Ministries of Health and Industry an agreement that aims at sharing the expertise of Sanofi in supply chain management.

This partnership aims at training technicians, engineers and staff from the Minister of Health to the jobs of the pharmaceutical industry, including Good Distribution Practices, Hygiene, Safety and Environment, and logistics and distribution. The partnership is being rolled out as follows: Didactic and interactive trainings and workshops provided by experts from Sanofi and experts from external training institutions. for the Ministry of Health Inspectors on: good distribution practices and associated risks and how to audit the distribution centers. Deployment of a Distribution Logistics module (Supply chain, procurement, inventory management) to help reduce malfunctions and ensure good practices.


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LocationMorocco, North Africa and Middle East
  • Start Date 2014
  • End Date 2014
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