Including those Suffering from Social Exclusion in National Health Coverage

Enabling access to healthcare to the most vulnerable.

Including those Suffering from Social Exclusion in National Health Coverage

Healthcare makes up a significant share of the support provided to people living on the street and/or socially marginalized, whether they are young or adult. The project aims first to implement an integrated and coordinated approach for access to care for people in extremely vulnerable circumstances in Peru and Mali, and second, to identify best practices in this sector on the basis of these two Samusocial organizations as well as other Samusocial organizations and share them across its network so that they can be effectively replicated.

The first thrust of the project is to step up access to basic health care and education health activities, including a sexual and reproductive health component, among street children and adolescents, marginalized families, victims of domestic violence, and adolescents at risk of early pregnancy, in two different national contexts - Mali and Peru.

The second thrust of the project, drawing on the examples of Mali and Peru, is to strengthen the referring of recipients of Samusocial services to health facilities that form part of the local health system, so that there is a seamless health management link between people coming from Samusocial’s basic medical service and national health services that can offer more complex treatment, especially in the field of preventive, and sexual and reproductive healthcare.

The third and final thrust of the project is to identify good practices and ultimately produce recommendations that will factor the issue of destitute people into national discussions about establishing universal health coverage systems. These recommendations will be shared with all Samusocial organizations and enable Samusocial International to position itself in global, regional and national debates about social protection floors and universal health coverage.


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  • Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

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  • EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)

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  • Air France

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  • Peru Ministry of Health

    Staff size: Unknown

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LocationLatin America and Caribbean, West Africa, Mali, Peru
  • Start Date 2006