Landmark Partnership to Train & Employ East African Youth

Expand Samasource’s online program to train and employ disadvantaged young people in Kenya.

Landmark Partnership to Train & Employ East African Youth

The MasterCard Foundation has partnered with Samasource to expand its online work employment model and broaden its impact by building out its technology platform. The partnership will also allow Samasource to provide digital skills training and employment to young people, particularly women, living in slums and peri-urban areas in Kenya. These young people will also receive life skills training and transitional support into formal employment opportunities.

This funding will allow Samasource to significantly broaden its impact by developing additional features to scale its proprietary microwork platform, the SamaHub. The funding will also support Samasource’s network of delivery partners to train 10,000 East African youth and provide direct employment to over 4,000 young people living in slums and peri-urban areas in Kenya and Uganda.


  • MasterCard Foundation

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    The MasterCard Foundation is an independent foundation based in Toronto, Canada with $10 billion in assets. Their vision is to create the opportunity for all to learn and prosper. They promote...

  • Samasource

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    Samasource specializes in providing data solutions like data verification, machine learning and content moderation. The organization harnesses the power of the digital economy to lift people out...

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Key Information

LocationKenya, Eastern Africa
  • Start Date 2012
  • End Date 2017
  • ValueUSD 5.3 Million