Lighting a Billion Lives

A commitment to bring clean and affordable lightning a billion people across the world that does not have access to electricity.

Lighting a Billion Lives

In 2007, TERI committed to spend $9 million over 7 years bringing electricity and light to the nearly 1 billion people by expanding solar power. On top of distributing solar lanterns throughout Asia and Africa, the commitment introduced affordable clean energy in many areas and helped start local businesses, building 2200 solar charging stations, 200 solar micro-grids and 5000 solar home stations, reaching more than 700,000 people. Partnering with the Indian Government, TERI is installing another 6.000 charging stations in India’s remotest villages, reaching 300,000 more people.

To date, the campaign has effectively developed and implemented its strategies to enhance energy access at both national and global levels. Its partner network has been extended in terms of finance, technology, and dissemination of solar lighting solutions. Its technology solutions have also been extended through carrying out extensive solar product testing at both laboratory and field levels and for designing flexible and robust solar lighting solutions. Finally, the campaign has customized capacity building, and developed local capacities to drive energy access agenda for implementation, operation, and management of solar lighting solutions.

There are two significant milestones achieved as a result of this commitment. 1) LaBL partnered with around 95 grassroots organizations across 13 countries. 2) they trained and handheld partner organizations to leverage entrepreneurial capacities and facilitate setting up of 2200 solar charging stations (SCS), 200 solar micro grids (SMG), and 5000 solar home systems. Overall, the project has led to direct impact on more than 0.73 million lives of people.


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Key Information

LocationIndia, South Asia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Eastern Africa, Sierra Leone
  • Start Date 2007
  • End Date 2014
  • ValueUSD 9 Million