Mentoring Women Entrepreneurs via Mobile Technology

Mentoring Women Entrepreneurs via Mobile Technology is a partnership with the Cherie Blair Foundation for women and with the Qualcomm Wireless Reach. The partnership commits to piloting the expansion of its successful online mentoring program to a mobile platform in Malaysia. Through this commitment, the Foundation will pilot the mobile platform with 150 women globally, 50 of whom will be equipped with 3G-enabled smart phones.

Mentoring Women Entrepreneurs via Mobile Technology

Building on its 2012 Commitment, "Mentoring a 1,000 Women in Business", the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women will develop a mobile-enabled version of its mentoring program and pilot it with 150 women between 2013 till 2014. Currently, through an innovative online platform created in partnership with Google, women entrepreneurs from developing and emerging countries are able to work with mentors, who are highly-successful professionals from around the world, to build their ICT and business skills, networks, enterprises, and access to finance over the course of a year. Participants gain skills and digital literacy through tailored trainings and resources on the platform, which allow them to expand their businesses and reach new markets. They share knowledge with people from around the world and join a community of entrepreneurs who are invested in each other's success. The program is a great example of a low-cost, low-risk strategy to engage online technologies in new ways to benefit and improve outcomes for women business owners.

In this next iteration of the program, the Foundation will partner with Qualcomm Wireless Reach to adapt the technology behind the existing Mentoring Women in Business Programme so that it is also accessible via a 3G mobile phone or tablet. At least 50 mentees in Malaysia will be provided with 3G enabled smartphones and tablets to communicate with their mentors and to access the Foundation's mentoring platform. In addition, the U.S. Department of State's Office of Global Women's Issues will recruit an additional 100 women globally into the pilot program. The mobile-enabled version of the platform will also be made available to all 1,500 current users and the 500 new users expected to join by the end of 2014, however these women will not be monitored as part of the pilot. The Foundation expects that this technology will play a critical role in enabling these women to access information, international networks, and to benefit from the global e-learning and networking platform.


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LocationMyanmar, South Asia
  • Start Date 2013
  • End Date 2014
  • ValueUSD 348 Thousand