MSD - China HIV/AIDS Partnership (C-MAP)

Over the past 20 years, Merck has worked with many public and private organizations in the fight against HIV and AIDS around the world. Through the China HIV/AIDS Partnership (C-MAP), Merck and the government of China established the program in 2005 to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS, and strengthen prevention, treatment and support for those affected in the country.

MSD - China HIV/AIDS Partnership (C-MAP)

Today, an estimated 780,000 Chinese citizens are living with HIV, according to the Joint Assessment of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care in China, published by China’s State Council AIDS Working Committee Office and the UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS in China.

The China-MSD HIV/AIDS Partnership, or C-MAP is a program led by two conational directors and has project offices in Beijing, and in Sichuan Province’s Liangshan Prefecture. The program is focused on six goals: raising awareness and reducing discrimination among target populations through training and education; deploying comprehensive, integrated risk-reduction approaches to reduce HIV transmission among at-risk populations; establishing a service network to provide continuous treatment, care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS; providing support to orphans and families affected by HIV to alleviate negative social and economic consequences of the disease; building capacity of healthcare workers and organizations; and strengthening HIV surveillance, monitoring and evaluation systems, as well as data management and analysis, to track program implementation, assess program outcomes, and identify and apply best practices.

C-MAP collaborates with approximately 11,500 people working in 1,600 implementing organizations, including departments within the Government of China, medical and health institutions, civil society, international organizations, grassroots healthcare workers and beneficiary groups. The Government of China, through its Ministry of Health, is providing staff, facilities and equipment. The Merck Company Foundation has committed $30 million to support C-MAP over seven years.


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LocationChina, East Asia and Pacific
  • Start Date 2005
  • End Date 2016
  • ValueUSD 36 Million