Natural Products Research Partnership with BIOTEC

Established in 2005, the BIOTEC-Novartis partnership aims to find potential use of microorganisms and natural compounds as sources of potential new medicines.

Natural Products Research Partnership with BIOTEC

Better treatment of disease demands constant research and development of new drugs. To maximize effectiveness, this research must be global, but many drug research institutes in the developing world lack capacity and expertise. This partnership contributes to the identification of starting points in drug discovery and development in diseases of high unmet medical need, with a particular focus on actinomycetes bacteria to help develop new antibiotics.

The partnership between Novartis and BIOTEC was established to transfer technological know-how on the isolation of actinomycetes bacteria - the most important source of antibiotics. Novartis experts in drug discovery and infectious diseases educate BIOTEC staff on-site and give technical training in the use of modern instruments and in the cultivation, isolation and purification of natural products.

BIOTEC scientists are also trained in microbiology, chemical profiling and high throughput drug and animal pathogen screening at the Novartis laboratories in Switzerland. Elaboration of screening libraries based on microbial extracts and pure natural products are useful to identify novel mechanisms of action to develop new therapeutic approaches for a broad portfolio of indications.


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  • Start Date 2005