Next Billion Patients in Egypt

Affordability remains the biggest challenge for Egyptian patients. The middle socio-economic class in rural areas represent around 65% of the population. This affects the level of health awareness and education of patients and healthcare professionals. Next Billion Patients in Egypt aims to provide healthcare professionals with continuous education and Overcome diabetes and other popular chronic and acute diseases as a public health burden by increasing access to medicines for middle socio-economic class in rural areas.

Next Billion Patients in Egypt

Sanofi considers that access to healthcare is not only a matter of the patient having access to affordable medicines, but of having the opportunity to benefit from disease prevention and to receive comprehensive care, from diagnosis to treatment. In order to achieve this and overcome the huge public health burden, Sanofi Egypt focused on 2 main arms to address these burdens.

The first arm aims to provide healthcare professionals with continuous medical education developed through medical societies & accredited from European accreditation council for continuous medical education in order to leverage their skills in diagnosing and treating their patients.

And the second arm aims to reach the unreachable patients in rural most disadvantaged vulnerable areas, and providing them treatment through access to medicine program. With this objective, Sanofi Egypt designed a specific affordable therapeutic portfolio covering the most widespread acute and chronic diseases, in order to suit this socio economic class and provide them with affordable care.


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  • Start Date 2012