Partnership to Fight Hunger, Build Resilience to Climate Change and Natural Disasters

A three-year partnership to help vulnerable communities fight hunger, build resilience to climate change, and reduce the costs of natural disasters in the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Partnership to Fight Hunger, Build Resilience to Climate Change and Natural Disasters

With better access to customized, market-based insurance products, poor farmers and their families will be better able to prepare for and cope with the impacts of the droughts, floods and other severe weather events that are predicted to become increasingly common as the climate changes. When farmers have better instruments to manage risk, they can more easily obtain the loans needed to invest in technologies that increase their yields and productivity, and have greater incentive to make those investments, knowing that they are buffered from extreme weather events.This partnership combines the expertise of Swiss Re, a global leader in innovative risk management solutions, with two USAID efforts: the Global Climate Change Initiative - which aims in part to increase resilience to extreme climate events and accelerate the global transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy - and the Feed the Future Initiative.


  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

    Funding Agencies
    United States | Staff size: Unknown

    USAID is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential.

    U.S. foreign assistance has...

  • Swiss Re

    Investment & Finance
    Switzerland | Staff size: 10,000+

    Schweizerische Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG (Swiss Re AG) is a wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer. Dealing direct and...

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  • Start Date 2011
  • End Date 2014
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