Partnership to Strengthen Microfinance Associations in Sub-Saharan Africa

Partnership will address challenges facing the microfinance industry, including client protection and greater transparency.

Partnership to Strengthen Microfinance Associations in Sub-Saharan Africa

The SEEP Network and The MasterCard Foundation are launched a 7.6 million, four-year partnership to strengthen and develop the capacity of microfinance industry associations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As microfinance scales and commercializes in Africa, there is an opportunity to support greater consumer protection and financial transparency within the industry. Microfinance associations play a key role in supporting the sustainable growth of the microfinance industry. SEEP, as the global network of networks in microfinance, serves these associations by connecting them to a global learning community and by supporting capacity building efforts.

Through this partnership, eight microfinance associations with a membership of nearly 500 microfinance institutions (serving, in total 6 million clients) will improve their core management capacity. The project will also advance financial transparency and consumer protection principles among microfinance institutions, and share learnings with associations across Sub-Saharan Africa to scale and sustain industry growth.


  • MasterCard Foundation

    United States | Staff size: 51-100

    The MasterCard Foundation is an independent foundation based in Toronto, Canada with $10 billion in assets. Their vision is to create the opportunity for all to learn and prosper. They promote...

  • The Small Enterprise Education and Promotion Network (The SEEP Network)

    United States | Staff size: Unknown

    SEEP is a global learning network. They support strategies that create new and better opportunities for vulnerable populations, especially women and the rural poor, to participate in...

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Key Information

LocationCentral Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern Africa
  • Start Date 2012
  • End Date 2016
  • ValueUSD 7.6 Million