Pediatric Outreach Telehealth Project

In Mali, one in five children does not reach the age of five. But 60% of these deaths are related to complications of simple diseases that would be easy to treat with medical resources available locally if they were detected and treated in time.

Pediatric Outreach Telehealth Project

The Pesinet Association's mission is to sustainably reduce the mortality of young children by promoting access to existing health systems. In partnership with local health schemes, Pesinet designs and rolls out local services for mothers and their children.

Pesinet has developed an innovative service to enable primary healthcare for children up to the age of five, using mobile and Internet technologies.

Using a simple mobile phone application, health data about the child (weight, stool etc.) are gathered regularly on the ground by monitoring agents and sent to a database which lets the local doctor monitor the child on a regular basis. When a child falls sick, it will be treated at a reduced price by the health center using a system of micro-health insurance.

For less than one euro a month, equivalent to an average day’s wage, families can afford a weekly home health checkup for the child by health staff, a free medical consultation if anomalies are detected remotely by the doctor, cheaper medicines to treat the child, and free follow-up consultations when necessary.

This project therefore improves the health monitoring of the child, make families more aware of the value of prevention, and accelerates the use of treatment when children fall ill.

The service is currently being used in three districts in the city center of Bamako, and has almost 900 subscriber children. The first impact outcomes are very encouraging:

  • 94% satisfaction rate among subscriber families.
  • Pesinet subscribers use care resources three times more than the average local children.


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LocationWest Africa, Mali, Burkina Faso
  • Start Date 2010