Philippine - CocoPal Program

Working to improve the capacity and food security of 25,000 smallholder farmers in the Philippines.

Philippine - CocoPal Program

In 2009, ACDI/VOCA was awarded a $6.6 million project by USDA. ACDI/VOCA monetized 13,200 MT of soybean meal and used the proceeds over a four-year period to improve the capacity of smallholder farmers in targeted Mindanao provinces. The program helped the incomes and food security of 25,000 farmers and 125,000 indirect beneficiaries. Through six components, the project improved post-harvest processing facilities and practices standards for cocoa, coconut, and rice production. The six components are:

  • Establish and manage 75 village technology and extension farms (VTEFs) of the CoCoPal Palayamanan-integrated farming system
  • Train and provide extension services to 25,000 farmers in CoCoPal Palayamanan production and processing practices, linked to a value chain approach
  • Establish and rehabilitate 150 post-harvest facilitates to enhance accessibility to improved technologies and productivity of processed products
  • Create and support 300 cocoa, coconut and rice planting materials businesses to ensure good genetic material is available to farmers for productivity, as well as to create profitable and sustainable businesses
  • Establish 300 organic inputs facilities to increase the availability and reduce the cost of organic fertilizers and bio-pesticides for Palayamanan farming systems
  • Form 250 agroenterprise clusters for enhanced value chain integration and participation by smallholder farmers and micro-enterprises.


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Key Information

LocationPhilippines, East Asia and Pacific
  • Start Date 2009
  • End Date 2013
  • ValueUSD 6.6 Million