Ranger Anti-Poaching Training & Widow Support

As wildlife rangers endure similar ordeals to soldiers in combat, they routinely face death, injury, or torture from poachers, and the wild animals they protect. The International Rangers Federation (IRF) and the Thing Green Line Foundation commits to focus on the training of government and community rangers in advanced anti-poaching techniques.

Ranger Anti-Poaching Training & Widow Support

In 2014, the International Rangers Federation (IRF) and The Thin Green Line Foundation (TGLF) committed to actively training and equipping wildlife Rangers on the frontline of conservation in National Parks, Protected Areas, and Community Conservation Zones in nine African countries. The commitment focuses on the training of Government and Community Rangers in advanced anti-poaching techniques as well as in leadership skills and professional development. Through the "Train the Trainers" program, TGLF will ensure the consistency and sustainability of ranger training over time. They will also provide key equipment to the Rangers undertaking anti-poaching work, including water filtration, backpacks, mosquito nets, and smartphones. This commitment will also expand TGLF's Widow Support Program, focusing on assisting the family members of rangers killed on patrol with educational, health, and employment needs. This commitment is designed to concentrate on the immediate solution of anti-poaching in the field to sustain Ranger and wildlife survival.


  • International Rangers Foundation (IRF)

    Foundation, Implementing NGO
    Staff size: Unknown

    The International Ranger Federation (IRF) is a non-profit organization established to raise awareness of and support the critical work that the world’s park rangers do in conserving the...

  • The Thin Green Line Foundation

    Staff size: Unknown

    The Thin Green Line Foundation is the world’s only charity solely dedicated to protecting endangered species and threatened ecosystems by supporting park rangers.In the past 10 years alone...

  • Elephant Action League

    Implementing NGO
    United States | Staff size: 6-25
    Elephant Action League is an innovative hybrid nonprofit organization that merges the worlds of intelligence,...
  • The International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF)

    Implementing NGO
    Staff size: Unknown

    Across much of Africa anti-poaching tactics have remained largely unchanged for decades. Small groups of undertrained and poorly equipped rangers are sent out for days on end to conduct patrols...

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LocationAngola, Zimbabwe, Central Asia, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, Burkina Faso, Congo, The Democratic Republic of, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania
  • Start Date 2014
  • End Date 2016
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