Sew True: Investing to Upgrade the Apparel Supply Chain

In response to the recent textile catastrophe in factories all over the world, this investment will answer the call of consumers, multinational corporations, and other participants in the global economy who are ready for a revolutionary approach to improving global supplier performance. In partnership with industry leaders, NGOs, and policymakers, Tau will invest in an estimated 20 to 25 textile and apparel manufacturers to improve eco-efficiency, safety measures, and social investments, including promoting educational opportunities for factory workers' children.

Sew True: Investing to Upgrade the Apparel Supply Chain

Tau Investment Management is a for-profit investment fund that uses capitalist solutions to fix capitalism failures. Its mission is to create and capture value by cleaning up the supply chains of our economy's least sustainable industries. By providing capital and expertise that drives true transformation, and by drawing on its relationships with industry leaders, NGOs and policymakers, Tau will orchestrate and implement a giant bet against the apparel sector's worst problems, including unsafe workplaces, forced and child labor, shoddy equipment, and environmental degradation.

Over the next three years, Tau will raise and deploy $1 billion from pioneering individuals and institutional investors for an engineered and active fund targeting the global garment industry. As a matter of law, Tau cannot indicate specific performance expectations, but its unique investment thesis may result in super-normal returns based on increased market capitalization and/or enterprise value, as compared with other investment models. Specifically, this approach could outperform passive, socially-responsible investment (SRI) funds, which do not take an engaged approach - Tau's strategic hallmark. Tau will invest in approximately 20 to 25 textile and apparel manufacturers, first in Bangladesh and then in other strategic countries. These will be highly structured and collaborative equity investments, directly bound to transformational initiatives, such as safety measures to reduce risk or eco-efficiency fixes to reduce energy costs. Tau will also implement social initiatives that enhance worker productivity and compensation in tandem.


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Key Information

LocationBangladesh, South Asia
  • Start Date 2013
  • End Date 2016
  • ValueUSD 1 Billion