Solar Systems: Clean Energy for the Tansa Valley

The PRASAD Project committed to providing clean, sustainable, and reliable energy to PRASAD Chikitsa's medical facilities in the Tansa Valley, India. Working in partnership with SELCO Solar, PRASAD will install solar systems on health care centers that provide more than 20,000 patient visits a year. In support of this project, PRASAD Chikitsa will engage in training local women to maintain the systems and educate the community on the benefits of clean energy.

Solar Systems: Clean Energy for the Tansa Valley

The goal of this project is to provide clean, reliable, and affordable energy to PRASAD Chikitsa's office and medical facilities in the Tansa Valley in India. Through this commitment, The PRASAD Project will sponsor installation of solar energy systems dedicated to the PRASAD Chikitsa's health care buildings and main office, the training of the local women, currently organized in PRASAD Chikitsa's Self Help Groups (SHGs), to maintain the solar panels and promote solar systems, and the education of the community in the importance of clean energy.

To achieve this goal, the PRASAD Project will support PRASAD Chikitsa in conducting an analysis of the needs of PRASAD Chikitsa's health care buildings with regard to their energy requirements, in conducting research to find the solar system model that best fits the needs of the buildings, developing and conducting a training program with local women who will maintain the solar panels and promote solar product, developing and introducing an Environmental Education Program to share with the community that will teach the value of solar energy, and documenting best-practice examples of the use of solar energy and the role of women in the maintenance of solar systems in order to potentially replicate this project in another community.

Engagement with local women through SHGs will ensure critical buy-in at the community level and could open the door to bringing solar energy more broadly in to the local community. These small SHGs, with 10 to 20 members each, will serve as micro-banks and provide members with an organized forum to improve the quality of their own lives and the lives of those around them. The training of the women will be conducted by SELCO Solar and overseen by PRASAD Chikitsa.


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LocationIndia, South Asia
  • Start Date 2013
  • End Date 2014
  • ValueUSD 150 Thousand