Upskilling and Work Organization Improvement for Midwives

Only 10% of Ethiopian women deliver their infants with a skilled professional, 51% of hospitals offer comprehensive obstetric and neonatal emergency and 14% of health centers deliver obstetric care and basic neonatal emergency care.

Upskilling Midwives and Improving their Work Organization

This project, supported by the Sanofi Espoir Foundation, is driven by the importance of acting globally. It aims to address the midwifery skills gap and improve the way midwives organize their work, including infrastructure, facilities and medical equipment, transport of patients, etc.

The main thrusts of this project are:

  • Capacity building by upskilling the 184 midwives practicing in the Arsi area.
  • Improving the conditions for delivering care by renovating and equipping health centers in the area.
  • Improving the supply of obstetric care through a better geographical distribution of midwives.
  • Networking midwives and other professionals involved in maternal health, in partnership with the Association of Ethiopian midwives, in order to provide training, improve collaboration and professional solidarity, facilitate the planning of replacements and the supply of medicines and emergency medical equipment.
  • Rolling out two smartphone or tablet applications - "Partogram" and "Néonatogram" - as a decision-aid tool to help midwives improve the management of deliveries and of maternal and neonatal complications.


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  • Ethiopian Midwives Association

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    The Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) is a national, non-profit, professional association that represents and works to strengthen midwifery in Ethiopia. Formally established in 1992, EMwA...

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LocationEastern Africa, Ethiopia
  • Start Date 2013