Using Solar Power to Meet Colombia's Rural Energy Needs

Within the framework of BMZ's develoPPP project (2012-2014) Sunset-Energietechnik GmbH established a photovoltaic competence centre in the national institution of education SENA („Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje“) in Colombia. The centre is used for aprenticeships and advanced trainings of experts. It also acts as a centre of research and demonstration for Columbian policy makers in the energy sector thereby helping harnessing solar energy whichi abundant in Colombia.

Using Solar Power to Meet Colombia's Rural Energy Needs

Colombia is currently unable to meet its rapidly growing demand for energy, particularly in rural areas. And yet the country has considerable and hitherto unused potential in alternative energy sources – including solar energy. As part of a development partnership with Sequa gmbH, SUNSET Energietechnik GmbH is carrying out pioneering work to improve the framework for a solar market in Colombia.

Based in Germany, SUNSET specialises in alternative energy technology and has international experience with on-grid and off-grid solar energy systems. SUNSET is building a photovoltaic competence centre at SENA, the national educational institution, as a facility for training local experts. The project includes the installation of two photovoltaic facilities at SENA, one on-grid plant in Bogotá and an off-grid plant at Puerto Carreño. The partners use the facilities for teaching and research, as well as for training SENA multipliers and decision-makers in the technical and educational aspects of photovoltaics. The multipliers then pass on their know-how to students and professionals in courses at the SENA competence centre.

The project also provides valuable data and findings for the nationwide debate on renewable energies. SUNSET and SENA jointly organise events and advise the Colombian Government on how to disseminate knowledge acquired about solar energy.


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