We Care: Chronic Disease Education in Botswana

Educate the general public in Botswana about chronic diseases.

We Care: Chronic Disease Education in Botswana

The Boehringer Ingelheim Botswana "We Care" Program, which includes the "Wellness Days" and the "Heart Art Competition", aims to educate the general public in Botswana, rather than healthcare professionals.

The Wellness Days seek to educate through a program of talks, blood pressure screening and counselling. Patients attend a "Wellness Talk" given by the Cardiac Clinic and the Boehringer Ingelheim staff to inform them about the dangers of high blood pressure, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, exercise and diet. By October 2009, 6,000 patients had been screened and informed.

The “Heart Art Competition” takes a series of lectures based on a healthy lifestyle exercise and diet to schools. Further contents of the lectures are high blood pressure, high blood sugar and obesity. For the competition, children do paintings depicting their understanding of the wellness message. The event was rolled out nationally in 2007, involving 86 schools.


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LocationSouthern Africa, Botswana
  • Start Date 2007
  • End Date 2012
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