Partnership to Diminish the Impact of Violence in the Lives of Youth and Communities Near the U.S./Mexican Border

A public-private alliance, YouthBuild International has established safe spaces in six communities (three in Monterrey and three in Tijuana), providing a full range of education, job readiness, training and leadership resources for 5,000 young people.

Youth Pathways-Mexico

Youth Pathways—Mexico (YPM) responds to the USAID/Mexico strategic objective to diminish the impact of violence in the lives of young people and in local communities located near the U.S./Mexican border. YPM will provide a comprehensive array of programming and partnerships that will support the efforts of Mexican young people to build resilient communities and pathways to leadership, lifelong learning, and productive livelihoods in Tijuana and Monterrey.

The YPM aims to productively engage 5,000 young people living in the six priority communities. Within these two cities, the YPM GDA will concentrate resources in six target communities: Independencia, La Alianza, and Nuevo Almaguer in Monterrey, and Camino Verde, Granjas Familiares, and Mariano Matamoros in Tijuana.

YPM will mobilize the experience, resources and expertise of two highly successful national Mexican youth serving NGOs, JCC and Seraj, who between them have implemented a full range of education, training, employability and leadership programs for in-school, out-of-school, and unemployed Mexican young people. Two global corporations with major operations in Mexico, the Intel Corporation and PREI, will join this Global Development Alliance (GDA) and provide training, mentoring, job and internship placement opportunities to participating youth. The Prudential Foundation will be a private foundation lead partner to the GDA. YouthBuild International (YBI), the US- based partner to this Alliance, has been in operation for 34 years, with program sites in 272 locations in 45 States and 56 program sites in 13 countries.

YPM aims to significantly diminish the barriers that impede a young person’s ability to gather the necessary social, economic, educational and leadership capital to secure viable livelihoods. YPM will address education deficits, link young people to relevant, demand- driven training activities, and call youth to meaningful leadership roles in their communities.


  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

    Funding Agencies
    United States | Staff size: Unknown

    USAID is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential.

    U.S. foreign assistance has...

  • Intel Corporation

    Goods Supplier, Service Providers
    United States | Staff size: 10,000+

    Intel Corporation is an American multinational semiconductor chip maker corporation headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Intel is the world's largest and highest valued semiconductor chip...

  • Jóvenes Constructores de la Comunidad (JCC)

    Advocacy NGO
    Mexico | Staff size: 51-100

    Young Community Builders, ac (JCC) is a non-profit Mexican civil society organization created in 2004. Its mission is to promote human development and improve the employability and re-entry...

  • PREI (Duplicate)

    Service Providers
    Staff size: Unknown

    The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) , established by the U.N. General Assembly in 1950, is mandated to lead and coordinate international action for the...

  • Prudential

    Investment & Finance
    United States | Staff size: 10,000+

    Helping people and businesses worldwide with their insurance and financial needs

    With operations in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America, they provide...

  • Servicios a la Juventud (SERAJ)

    Implementing NGO
    Mexico | Staff size: Unknown

    SERAJ (Servicios a la Juventud – “Services to Youth”) is a Mexican NGO created in 1985. SERAJ is one of the most influential civil society organizations promoting youth rights...

  • YouthBuild

    Implementing NGO
    United States | Staff size: 26-50

    Established in 1978, YouthBuild is an international leader in equipping marginalized youth with skills to complete their education and secure employment. Its programs enable low-income youth to...

Key Information

LocationLatin America and Caribbean, Mexico
  • Start Date 2012
  • End Date 2015
  • ValueUSD 6.26 Million