ABA ROLI, Commercial Arbitration Advisor

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 20 March 2019

Job Description

Program Description

USAID’s CORE Justice Program seeks to promote the rule of law in Sri Lanka by strengthening core institutions, processes and actors responsible for the administration of justice and the delivery of justice services. In doing so, the program works with key stakeholders and representatives of the judiciary, government, the legal profession, and civil society to improve the coherence, openness, responsiveness, and effectiveness of the Sri Lankan justice system. Key counterparts include the Ministry of Justice, Judicial Services Commission, Sri Lanka Judges Institute, Victim and Witness Protection Authority, Bar Association of Sri Lanka, and Attorney General’s Department.

The program will address gaps in frameworks, capacities, and resources that inhibit a better functioning and more modern justice system. The program is designed with the premise that, by strengthening the MOJ, SLJI, AG’s Department, judiciary and other core institutions, and processes and actors that comprise the justice system, the program will ultimately enhance the administration of justice and delivery of justice services to meet the ever-growing demands of Sri Lankan society as it transitions from conflict and centralized rule to a more open and democratic society.

To support this work, the Commercial Arbitration Advisor will conduct an organizational needs assessment at the Sri Lanka National Arbitration Center (SLNAC) and review existing functions at the ICLP Arbitration Center as it pursues its new joint venture with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC). Anticipated activities will include:

  • Conduct an organizational assessment of the SLNAC and ICLP. The focus of this activity will be on internal arbitration processes and how those may be made more efficient while reducing costs. The assessment should also consider current and needed human resources, infrastructure, and ICT. This work will include a review of organizational documents, such as internal operating procedures and the organizational structure, as well as interviews/focus groups with key actors to assess the effectiveness of the current systems.
  • Observe a commercial arbitration, if feasible.
  • Conduct meetings/focus groups with commercial lawyers in Sri Lanka who regularly use commercial arbitration at one or both centers.
  • Review best practices in commercial arbitration processes with leadership at the SLNAC and ICLP/CCC joint venture.
  • In brief and/or out brief with USAID.

A maximum of 22 days is allowed for this assignment, including two days for travel to and from Colombo, Sri Lanka. A maximum of five days may be used offsite for research, preparation, and development of materials or reports, or follow up work. A maximum of 15 days will be onsite work in Sri Lanka. Travel outside of Colombo is not anticipated.

Desired Qualifications

Relevant experience working on the organizational development and processes in an established commercial arbitration center in an OECD high-income country or with experience supporting development of a commercial arbitration center in an emerging market. Experience working with commercial practitioners, bar associations, or other organizations that engage in commercial law practice. Experience working with high level government officials required. Prior experience in Asia preferred.

If interested, please send a CV to: jobs@americanbar.org

About the Organization

ABA ROLI is a non-profit program that implements legal reform programs in more than 50 countries around the world. ABA ROLI has nearly 500 professional staff working abroad and in its Washington, D.C. office. ABA ROLI’s host country partners include judges, lawyers, bar associations, law schools, court administrators, legislatures, ministries of justice and a wide array of civil society organizations, including human rights groups.

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