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  • Posted on 27 July 2020
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Job Description


Summary: As further detailed below, the Acquisition and Assistance Assistant performs specialized functions which include, and are not limited to, the drafting of Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) documents and providing assistance for the solicitation, negotiation, award, administration, and modification of complex A&A instruments that implement USAID/Madagascar’s development assistance programs. Award types may include purchase orders, fixed amount awards, competitively negotiated technical contracts, cooperative agreements, grants, Participating Agency Service Agreements (PASAs) and sole source contracts, among others. The incumbent is expected to become fully knowledgeable of all relevant policies and pertinent legislation, and of how to apply these in the A&A context. The Acquisition and Assistance Assistant will serve as a resource to RCAO, A&A Specialists, and other Mission personnel when A&A questions or problems arise. In addition to providing pre-award and post-award support, the Acquisition and Assistance Assistant collects and analyzes data in response to inquiries from stakeholders, coordinates responses to requests for information, and performs other duties as assigned. The incumbent will also provide administrative support to OAA and support as a back-up to the procurement agent for USAID/Madagascar’s Executive Office (EXO).

The Incumbent will perform the following tasks:

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Maintain a tracking system on all actions performed OAA by keeping track of all incoming, assigned, in process, completed and pending A&A transactions, in coordination with A&A specialists.
  2. Lead the streamlining, consolidation and management of the OAA files:
  3. Organize, maintain and update all A&A folders by ensuring that all required information on active awards (including contracts, grants, agreements, task orders, PASAs and purchase orders) are properly scanned and filed (using ASIST) in accordance with the Agency policy and other federal record management requirements. Regularly cleans archive electronic folders;
  4. Coordinate and track the Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs) process, including updating contract information in the CPARs system and assisting Contracting Officer’s Representatives (COR) and the RCAO with their technical data input;
  5. Maintain the list of the Mission CORs/AORs and records demonstrating their compliance with FAC-COR Certification requirements;
  6. Provide support in collecting, analyzing and presenting data for Quarterly Financial Reviews (QFRs);
  7. Timely respond to USAID/Washington data calls in coordination with A&A specialists and the RCAO.
  8. Coordinate and submit, to the appropriate office, time and attendance records for the office.
  9. Provide other administrative support to OAA personnel, such as, support for official travel, scheduling meetings and booking rooms, submitting access requests and escorting visitors, ordering expendable supplies, etc.

Pre-award and post-award A&A responsibilities

  1. The incumbent is responsible for performing pre-award tasks, such as planning for A&A actions, receiving and reviewing requirements documents, drafting, posting and managing solicitations, performing evaluations and related analyses, drafting negotiations memoranda, and required source selection documents, participating in pre-award surveys, and preparing award packages for RCAO review and signature.
  2. S/He coordinates with the RCAO or A&A Specialists to provide guidance to Activity Managers, Contractor Officer’s Representatives (CORs) and Agreement Officer’s Representatives (AOR) in the preparation of planning documents for each proposed A&A action. S/He participates in procurement planning functions, and provides guidance to activity managers in the preparation of activity descriptions and other requirements documents, including statements of work, program descriptions, etc., as appropriate and to ensure adequate quality and compliance with USAID procedures. S/He also provides support to and liaises with the A&A Specialists, the RCAO and client offices in the preparation of required pre-solicitation documents, including determinations and findings, synopses, justifications, invitation for bids, requests for proposals, and/or notices of funding opportunities, while ensuring compliance with USAID regulations as contained in AIDAR, ADS, and AAPDs, and in the Federal Regulations under FAR, CFR, OMB circulars, Executive Directives, and the statutes. Such documents must adequately reflect and protect USG interests in the accomplishment of the programmatic objectives and comply with pertinent statutory, regulatory, and policy requirements.
  3. The incumbent provides accurate advice which reflects the steps required by regulation or policy in the selected mechanism’s process, realistic estimates of the time required to accomplish each step, and a commitment to maintain the agreed-upon schedule. H/She keeps the RCAO informed of anticipated workload demands and changes that may affect the mutually established timeline.
  4. S/He works with requestors to ensure proper submission of requisitions in the USAID acquisition and assistance management information systems (GLAAS), as well as maintains OAA internal tracking systems. S/He performs assigned duties in GLAAS for OAA’s requisitions, and processes awards and modifications thereof for simplified acquisition, incremental funding, and other non-complex actions.
  5. S/He performs cost evaluations and in-depth cost analyses of bids/offers/applications/quotations; obtains pricing assistance as necessary and available, performs cost or price analysis, as appropriate, and documents findings in a form of memoranda of negotiations.
  6. S/He participates in pre-award, financial and program management reviews in support of the RCAO’s determination of responsibility.
  7. S/He distributes the final award document, ensures proper recording of the obligation by the Financial Management Office, and provides all required notifications to unsuccessful bidders, offerors or applicants. The incumbent plans and coordinates logistics for in-person or remote debriefings and other meetings with clients, stakeholders, and headquarters and OAA staff.
  8. The incumbent is responsible for performing post-award tasks, such as organizing award kick-off meetings, processing award administration documents, liaising with financial management staff and partners on audit issues, monitoring implementation, and overseeing the award closeout process.
  9. S/He coordinates post-award conferences, arranging logistics, making the agenda, preparing documentation, ensuring that all relevant Mission support offices and implementing partner employees are in attendance, and presenting on aspects of award requirements.
  10. The incumbent performs award administration tasks such as, processing approval requests, arranging site visits and meetings with the implementing partner, drafting correspondence, liaising with USAID and partner staff on audit issues, and monitoring compliance with the terms and conditions of the award.
  11. S/He maintains a tracking system for audit findings, and provides a detailed analysis to support timely closure of recommendations. S/He works with the Financial Management Office to ensure that necessary documents are prepared to resolve all aspects of audits and presents the documentation to the RCAO for signature.
  12. The incumbent reviews completed award files to determine that all contract requirements are satisfied, and performs close-out functions; i.e., de-obligation of funds, quick closeouts, etc.
  13. Collaborate with technical and support offices to prepare and maintain the Mission’s procurement plan for the Fiscal Year. The procurement plan shall be maintained and updated at least quarterly.

EXO Procurement Responsibilities

In the absence of the EXO procurement agent, the incumbent provides back-up support in the performance of EXO’s procurement actions including drafting purchase orders and related negotiation memoranda, processing the actions in GLAAS, drafting and issuing modifications to these purchase orders, as necessary, and other pre-award and post-award actions.

The contractor may be expected to perform work-related travel.

The contractor is eligible for temporary duty (TDY) travel to the U.S., or to other Missions abroad, to participate in the “Foreign Service National” Fellowship Program, in accordance with USAID policy.

  • Supervisory Relationship

The A&A Assistant works under the general supervision of the Senior A&A Specialist who makes assignments. Additional oversight may be provided by the Contracting Officer/Regional Contracting Officer and/or his/her designee, or a higher-level Specialist.

  • Supervisory Controls

After receiving task assignments, incumbent should be able to carry out tasks independently, and only seeks advice or assistance as needed. Supervisor reviews completed documents and other assignments for conformity with USG requirements, completeness and accuracy.


The work requested does not involve undue physical demands.


  1. Education: Completion of secondary school with two or more years of collegiate or post-secondary studies in business administration, management, accounting, finance, law, or marketing is required.
  2. Prior Work Experience: Minimum of three years of progressively responsible administrative and professional experience which includes some procurement, finance, marketing, accounting or other related responsibility.
  3. Language Proficiency: Level IV (full professional proficiency) in English required. At this level, which is a US government standard for language proficiency, a person is able to use the language fluently and accurately on all levels in both verbal and written communications, including the ability to translate other French language into precise and correct English, and English into French. On occasion, an employee at this level might be expected to act as an interpreter in situations where considerable importance is attached to proper word meaning. Level III (good working knowledge) in French required, both oral and written.
  4. Ability to obtain medical and security clearances.


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