Advisor (Guarantees and Syndications)

Asian Development Bank
Apply by 23 January 2013
Posted on 4 January 2013

Job Description

Office of the Director General, PSOD, Private Sector Operations Department Closing Date: 23 January 2013 , 5:00 p.m. (1700 Manila Time, 0900 GMT) Job Purpose:

Under the direct guidance of the Director General, Private Sector Operations Department’s (PSOD), contributes to the development and implementation of the department’s annual work plan which is aligned with ADB’s Strategy 2020 (ADB’s long term strategic framework), development effectiveness agenda and congruent with country strategies.

Cascading from PSOD’s annual work plan, manage the planning, implementation and supervision of the goals, objectives, strategies and annual work plan of the Guarantees and Syndications team which is focused on all aspects of ADB’s commercial cofinancing undertakings and requirements. Manage and oversee the day to day operations and activities of the team.

Serve as focal point on all matters related to ADB’s commercial cofinancing endeavors and undertakings including the management of the commercial cofinancing portfolio

Advise and support PSOD and Regional Departments to expand commercial cofinancing by originating, structuring, pricing, executing, and syndicating commercial loans and guarantees (political and credit) for ADB’s government and private sector (i.e., commercial/corporate) clients.

Oversee the mobilization of financing and risk sharing with international and local financial institutions to further leverage ADB financial resources.

Work with other institutions to effectively support guarantee and loan syndications and assist in managing syndicated guarantees and loans.

Work within a framework of broad policies, principles and goals, applying a high degree of freedom in selection of work methods.

Expected Outcomes

a. Strategy and Planning
- Lead and oversee the provision of support to the regional departments (RDs) in formulating commercial cofinancing strategies for Country Partnership Strategies (CPS).
- Contribute substantially to assist the operational departments in identifying opportunities requiring commercial cofinancing.
- Advise on appropriate cofinancing structures for complex transactions involving high levels of risk and potential financing partners during project design and program formulation.
- Oversee efforts to improve on ADB’s cofinancing policies, guidelines and practices

b. Portfolio and Project Management
- Oversee, lead, and guide the provision of advice on commercial cofinancing structures and efforts to identify financing partners during transaction design.
- Support teams at the Private Sector Operations Department (PSOD) and the RDs for complex projects with cofinancing from commercial sources.
- Lead the work in identifying, structuring, executing, and syndicating/distributing commercial cofinancing (including political guarantees and syndications) for complex and high risk transactions involving ADB’s sovereign and non-sovereign clients in the financial and infrastructure sectors.
- Work with other cofinancing parties to effectively support guarantee and loan syndications.
- Advise ADB’s sovereign and nonsovereign clients on employing credit enhancement structures.
- Ensure the appropriate administration of transactions with guarantees and syndicated loans, including maintaining adequate documentation.

c. Business Development
- Lead efforts to mobilize commercial cofinancing through the application of guarantees and syndication arrangements.
- Lead, and guide the promotion of innovative application of commercial cofinancing and risk sharing structures and arrangements for more effective resource mobilization and market development.
- Work closely with the operational departments in mobilizing external resources for debt financing.
- Lead efforts to build financing partnerships with major commercial lending agencies and investment banks, institutional investors, and the commercial arms of multilateral and bilateral agencies.
- Lead efforts to build awareness of syndication opportunities.

d. Knowledge Management
- Lead, and guide efforts to increase awareness of ADB’s credit enhancement operations among other financing parties and ADB staff.
- Maintain knowledge of emerging best practices in loan and guarantee syndications.
- Lead, and guide the preparation and running of related in-house seminars and workshops, updates of commercial cofinancing transaction briefs, manuals, brochures and other publications.

e. Staff Supervision
- Create and lead multidisciplinary teams and ensure the overall quality of its work.
- Supervise the performance of teams and individuals, providing clear direction and regular monitoring and feedback on performance.
- Provide coaching and mentoring to team and individuals and ensure their on-going learning and development.

Educational Requirements:
  • Master’s Degree, or equivalent, in economics, business, finance, law or related fields; or University degree and at least 15 years relevant work experience
Relevant Experience And Other Requirements:
  • Suitability to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level
  • At least 15 years of experience in originating, structuring, negotiating, pricing, syndicating and executing debt transactions with credit enhancement products for infrastructure or capital market transactions, involving both the public and private sectors
  • Knowledge of Asia’s bank and loan syndication market
  • Experience in analyzing all aspects of investment proposals including design and structure of financial packages across the entire spectrum, negotiation with sponsors, monitoring of investment disbursements; portfolio supervision; and advising on corporate restructuring, and financial sector development
  • Excellent intellectual and team leadership and problem solving skills, including strong ability to manage effective teamwork and communication
  • Demonstrated ability to lead project teams and to work with project sponsors, financing parties and governments
  • Experience in international banking with a good knowledge of the linkages between financial reporting, corporate governance, and financial sector performance
  • Substantial experience in structuring financing transactions with a public/private financial institution. Successful track record in previous positions
  • Familiarity with Basel framework on capital adequacy, norms on income recognition, disclosure, risk management, loan provisioning and reserving process
  • Ability to handle managerial/senior level responsibilities with regional/global profit and product center responsibilities
  • Enthusiasm for, and a commitment to, financial sector development in ADB developing member countries
  • Proven ability to devise strategies and a business plan as well as to successfully implement
  • Results driven and willingness to be accountable for both successes and failures, highly motivated self-starter
  • Proven management and leadership qualities
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • International experience working in development in several countries
Core Competencies:

Application of Technical Knowledge and Skills

  • Develops and shares new theories and applications
  • Develops other specialists in ADB and client organizations as a subject matter expert
  • Convinces sophisticated clients to follow ADB’s technical advice
  • Focuses on creating depth in area of technical expertise within ADB

Client Orientation

  • Leads complex client negotiations to achieve mutually agreeable outcomes
  • Guides others on how to effectively involve diverse groups of stakeholders and clients in strategic planning
  • Ensures consistent client satisfaction, particularly in highly sensitive and complex situations
  • Proactively manages relationships with decision makers and opinion leaders that contributes to achieving ADB’s goals

Achieving Results and Problem Solving

  • Conducts complex analyses and reviews to achieve planned results
  • Integrates projects and programs contributing to sector, country, and regional results
  • Identifies and plans for future issues in programs and initiatives
  • Designs operational processes, resources, and systems, to deliver higher quality results at lower cost
  • Manages for results by planning staff resources, implementing, monitoring, and reporting outcomes

Working Together

  • Leads the achievement of interdepartmental or multi-client project goals
  • Builds sustainable and productive long-term relationships with strategic partners
  • Actively manages potential team conflict situations before they arise
  • Builds a safe environment within teams where staff and clients feel comfortable to openly share differing views and opinions

Communication and Knowledge Sharing

  • Diligently seeks and acts on feedback from internal and external stakeholders
  • Consistently provides the appropriate level and amount of communication to internal and external stakeholders
  • Develops approaches for information access and the dissemination of relevant knowledge solutions
  • Stimulates the formation of novel and useful knowledge products and services

Innovation and Change

  • Acts as a change sponsor to win the support of those who are resistant to Strategy 2020 or organizational changes
  • Persuasively communicates the reasons for organization change, addressing concerns and encouraging thinking beyond possible immediate personal inconveniences
  • Anticipates the need for changes in policies and procedures to increase the effectiveness of ADB’s assistance
  • Drives the development of a continuous improvement and openness to change culture throughout ADB

Managing Staff

  • Ensures consistent and transparent application of staff policies in all situations, even when challenged by stakeholders
  • Proactively manages the performance of all staff by delivering meaningful feedback about strengths, development areas, and performance issues at all opportunities
  • Prioritizes staff management by building an open and supportive environment where all staff are focused on results, even in difficult situations
  • Motivates staff to collaboratively achieve Departmental results and collectively share achievements
  • Considers team strengths, development priorities, and divisional accountabilities, when distributing tasks and accountabilities

Leadership and Strategic Thinking

  • Aligns words with actions
  • Seeks opportunities to gain support and buy-in from internal and external stakeholders for ADB’s vision, mission and strategy
  • Motivates others who are unclear or not aligned with the priorities of Strategy 2020 by explaining the rationale and big picture supporting objectives
  • Sought out to assist in aligning Departmental and organizational strategies and work plans with the needs of Strategy 2020
  • Consistently involves current and potential stakeholders in designing and managing organizational changes needed to achieve ADB’s strategic objectives


  • Consistently assumes responsibility for Divisional or Departmental actions by explaining successes, failures, and proposing remedial actions
  • Invests significant time in creating a culture of accountability and responsibility by using experience and advice to guide others
  • Share accountability to improve the Division or Departmental performance and effectiveness
  • Quickly manages and resolves situations when accountabilities are not met

Inspiring Trust and Integrity

  • Expresses views and behaves that enforces ADB values and inspires others to follow
  • Establishes an environment that encourages open communication and responsible information sharing
  • Delivers on commitments, obligations, and promises

Avoids abuse of power or authority in any circumstance

Immediate Reporting Relationships / Other Information:
  • Supervisor: Director General
  • The following staff positions may be supervised by the incumbent:
    • International Staff
    • National Staff
    • Administrative Staff
  • Women are encouraged to apply.

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