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  • Posted on 15 November 2019
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Job Description

Are you passionate about driving programs focused on foreign assistance? Do you want to be part of an organization that offers meaningful assignments and opportunities to expand your skills and expertise? At Dexis, you will experience a corporate culture of inclusiveness, fairness, and trust. You will be given the means and mentorship needed to succeed, and your creativity will be rewarded.

The purpose of LEARN is to institutionalize collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) capacity throughout the Program Cycle in order to improve the effectiveness of USAID programs in achieving significant development results and influencing results pursued by implementing partners and other development actors. This goal will be achieved by building CLA capacity of USAID missions and the bureaus that support them, and promoting organizational learning and KM practices throughout USAID and the development community. LEARN is a contract mechanism within USAID’s Bureau for Policy, Planning, and Learning (PPL).

he Division of Economic Growth, Environment and Agriculture (EGEA), within the Office of Sustainable Development (SD) in USAID’s Africa Bureau (AFR), conducts technical analyses; develops technical knowledge products; and provides technical assistance to Missions in the Africa region in the following areas: economic growth, trade and investment promotion, agriculture, climate change, biodiversity, information, communication and technology (ICT), and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). The Office collaborates with other Washington bureaus and provides input on strategy and policy implementation, activity design and implementation, operational guidance, budgets in these technical areas, and technical guidance and support to the the PIVOT Cohort and a variety of Affinity Groups organized by technical areas and programmatic roles in their missions.

A significant part of the collaboration across the Agency in service to the PIVOT Cohort is done through engaging USAID/W-based subject matter experts (SMEs) that provide sector-and/or function-specific mentoring and technical support to cohort members. The SMEs achieve this through attending in-person meetings, leading technical discussions with cohort members, connecting cohort members to resources within the Agency, and leading Affinity Groups organized by sector (e.g. education, health, etc.) or job function (e.g. OAA, Programs, etc.). An affinity group is a collection of people linked by a common interest or purpose. In PIVOT, these are Cohort members who form smaller groups based on sectoral or programmatic roles in their Missions (agriculture, environment, contracts, programs, etc.) The purpose of PIVOT Affinity Groups is to provide Cohort members with the opportunity to connect with peers in other Missions who share a common interest. This structure \creates a safe space in a small group format for learning from one another and Agency experts. These affinity groups are led by mentors who have a strong interest in nurturing the group and can provide related expertise and best practices; help trouble-shoot specific issues; and/or connect the group to additional resources within the Agency.

Dexis is seeking an Affinity Group Lead/Subject Matter Specialist to provide consistent Affinity Group leadership, mentorship, and support through the end of PIVOT Cohort in March 2020, provide technical support to the greater Cohort, and provide technical advice and strategic input to support the sustainability of capacity building efforts under the PIVOT Cohort.

The consultant will provide approximately 8 hours a month of on-going support. This could include attending 90-minute all-Cohort calls, monthly 90-minute all-Cohort training webinars, a weekly or bi-weekly call with the Affinity Group, or any additional meetings needed to coordinate technical support to Change Teams or the Program Officer Affinity Group. From February 24 - 28, 2020, participants will gather in Annapolis, Maryland, for an in-person meeting, during which the consultant may be required to attend, provide technical support, and/or deliver technical sessions. In addition, the consultant will provide input on learning products that capture the PIVOT Cohort model to inform future PIVOT Cohort opportunities and good practices for leading and supporting an Affinity Group.


  • Foster sectoral peer learning and consistent messaging within the Program Officer Affinity Group;
  • Coordinate with DC Backstops and implementing partners (PEPSE, INVEST, and other USAID/W representatives) to ensure technical resources are optimally paired with and utilized across the Cohort;
  • Review the PIVOT Plans of the Change Teams in their Affinity Groups and planning outputs of in-person meetings to ensure that all technical support needed for effective capacity building and change is adequately incorporated;
  • Directly provide and/or facilitate the provision of technical support per a Change Team’s needs to implement their PIVOT/Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Plans;
  • Help troubleshoot relevant technical issues that may arise in the Change Management process and/or interaction with the private sector;
  • Reflect and capture lessons learned and good practices for supporting an Affinity Group;
  • If needed, identify new or additional technical resources specific to the USAID Program Officer skill set beyond those already identified for use by the PIVOT Change Teams’ Program Officers.
  • Attend PIVOT all-member monthly calls to help keep tabs on the overall PIVOT Cohort support process;
  • Attend in-person meeting in Annapolis, MD from February 24 - 28, 2020.
  • As needed, provide “side trainings” on in-demand topics as they arise and conduct individual calls with Program Officer technical counterparts in the respective Change Teams.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Masters and 8 years of experience OR Bachelors and 10 years of experience OR PhD and 6 years of experience;
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in International Development;
  • Substantive technical experience in USAID Programs with a demonstrated understanding of Mission Program Offices;
  • Experience in managing sector-specific teams, especially within USAID and/or programs in Washington and the field;
  • Skilled facilitation of focus groups, interviews and meetings;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Experience with USAID;
  • Ability to work collaboratively within and across teams.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Prior familiarity with the PIVOT program is preferred;

About the Organization

Are you looking for a company that offers meaningful program assignments and opportunities to develop professional skills and expertise? At Dexis, staff are empowered to be part of the decision-making process and collaborate with colleagues and management across the company to satisfy our clients. We create transparency in our operations with our clients and employees; and we offer our people opportunities to grow and challenge themselves in meaningful ways. Dexis follows a "find a way or make a way" business directive, and we’re paving the way for innovative management solutions in the global development and security assistance arenas worldwide. As a Dexis employee you will be challenged, empowered, and mentored. That’s how Dexis goes "all in.” How will you?

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Dexis is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental handicap, or status as a disabled or Vietnam Era veteran of the US Armed Forces.

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