Africa Communications Director

  • Senior-level
  • Posted on 26 May 2009
  • United States
  • Closing on 14 June 2009

Job Description

The purpose of this position is to develop and coordinate the implementation of a regional communications strategy to build high-performance communications functions and profile World Vision's work of transforming lives in Africa. She/he will lead the Africa communications team and coordinate regional programmes and projects for productive and quality communications that significantly increase awareness of World Vision's work in Africa while strongly positioning the organization as a leading expert in community development, humanitarian relief and advocacy.


Lead the Africa communications leadership team in consultation with and support to the Regional VP, Area Directors, National Directors and the International Communications VP as appropriate, in the following key areas:
Recruitments, orientation, training, oversight and evaluations of national communications managers and staff.
Development of strategies, structures and core competencies of regional and national communications functions.
Ensuring that the WV Partnership is provided with quality communications resources and services from the Regional and National Offices.
Planning and budgeting of and organization-wide processes related to communications.
Overseeing the professional responsibilities and development of the Africa Communications team.
Leading regional and national communications efforts during large-scale/Category III emergencies (famines, floods, conflicts etc) that can occur in the region, in accordance with established protocols and procedures for such communications.
Leading other initiatives and actions as needed to fulfill WV's communications mission in Africa.
Lead the development and implementation of the following regional communications projects to create awareness, build capacity and foster innovation:
Media engagement, news coverage and public advocacy activities of World Vision Africa
The Africa regional website and related outreach activities with internal and external publics and the media
New publications, materials, workshops and training modules as appropriate
Lead the establishment and management of a regional communications function that is staffed and capable of serving the essential communications of Africa and the partnership in four strategic areas:
Donor relations and public engagement
Media relations
Emergency communications
Internal communications
Programming communications
Lead and advise the region and area offices in key areas of annual planning and project implementation that will strongly impact the effectiveness and outreach of regional and national communications activities.

Management and Networking:

Manage and ensure strong and consistent regional and national input into key communications, marketing and advocacy tools of the World Vision Partnership, including NewsVision, Scribe, Global Future, Support Office magazines and websites.
Facilitate dynamic communications and networking activities between Africa, National Offices, the WV Partnership and external media.
Manage the Africa communications budget.

Media, Public Relations and Journalism:

Achieve a stronger image and positioning of World Vision's ministry in Africa as highly responsive, professional, collaborative and effective. This will be accomplished by targeting and reaching a range of internal and external "stakeholders" and audiences including the World Vision Partnership, Support Offices, international and national media, donors and the public, as follows:
Overseeing the development and production of websites, print materials, electronic communications and videos
Positioning the Vice-President for Africa through the media, international and regional fora, diplomacy and World Vision meetings as leader and principal spokesman for World VisionĀ“s work in the region
Build strong regional and national media and public relations programs through:
Development of new media training and outreach activities with appropriate managers and staff of the Africa region and National Offices
Cultivating strategic contacts, collaboration and news coverage with key media organizations, executives and journalists (broadcast, print and electronic) throughout Africa
Support for national communications departments as the primary sources of information, expertise and content for media relations, reports and interviews.
Lead the development and implementation of a regional crisis communications program, and oversee such communications in circumstances and countries where there is significant potential for negative media reporting and resulting damage to our public image


Travel as necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the above objectives.
Be available for other assignments as deemed necessary by the VP of International Communications and the Africa Vice-President.
Carry out additional responsibilities and projects as assigned.


A university degree or equivalent in journalism or communications/media.
At least 10 years of professional experience in areas of international communications, media and journalism.
Excellent journalistic skills (verbal and written), and a proven ability to train and mentor staff and peers.
Excellent interpersonal skills, with proven teamwork leadership and participation.
Ability to communicate fluently in English, and to relate cross-culturally with a wide range of international constituencies.
Experience in project management and the development and production of a wide array of communication materials such as publications, video segments, web, and other media.
Ability to utilize public relations to forge stronger constituency consensus.
Demonstrated ability to think strategically, plan and meet deadlines.
Experience and ability to travel internationally.
Personal commitment to World Vision's mission statement, and the core values of World Vision.
Fitness for Duty: Able to work and travel extensively in the country of assignment as well as internationally to attend various leadership and project meetings of the Region and WV Partnership. Travel is an essential function of the position requiring sufficient physical fitness to undertake the rigors of working and traveling (i.e. by car, truck, air, etc.) in a developing country as well as in the international arena.

Master's degree in journalism or communications/media.

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