Agriculture Value Chain Development Expert – Youth Leadership for Agriculture Activity Evaluation

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 12 February 2020
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Job Description


Uganda sits at a critical juncture between a period of economic strain or demographic “dividend” with an economy reliant on agriculture for growth and food security. Uganda’s path forward therefore lies in creating opportunities for rural youth, given that 75 percent of the workforce is engaged in the agricultural sector. Of this 75% agricultural focus, Ugandan youth represent 55 percent of this sub-population, where 70 to 80 percent of this group are women.

It is against this background that USAID/Uganda’s Economic Growth Office designed the flagship Feed the Future Uganda Youth Leadership for Agriculture Activity (“YLA” or “the Activity”). The purpose of the Activity is to increase economic opportunities for approximately 350,000 youth (aged 10 to 35) in agriculture-related fields in order to increase their incomes through building entrepreneurship, leadership and workforce readiness.

The YLA performance evaluation is estimated to begin in February 2020 and be completed no later than June 30, 2020 with an estimated LOE of 45 days.

Purpose of the Evaluation

The YLA performance evaluation focuses on learning. Its purpose is to provide the Government of Uganda (GoU) and USAID/Uganda with insights and lessons learned regarding the relevance and effectiveness of the various approaches towards youth economic empowerment implemented under YLA. To this end, the evaluation will systematically examine how the Activity contributed towards CDCS result (IR 2.4) - Improving Economic Opportunities for the Youth. Furthermore, the evaluation will trace the pathways of change to ascertain how and why certain results were achieved. The insights and lessons learnt from the evaluation will be instructive for designing subsequent interventions that contribute both to CDCS IR 2.4 as well as the GoU’s priority objective of Enhancing the Availability and Quality of Gainful Employment (particularly for the youth), under the National Development Plan II.


  • •They will contribute to the design of data collection tools, the collection and synthesize of data, prepare and participate in presentations and writing the report
    •Serve as the evaluation teams Agriculture Value Chain Development SME
    •Conduct evaluation activities review all outputs and be responsible for submitting quality products to the Team Lead on a timely basis
    •Contribute to the design of data collection tools, collect and synthesize data, prepare and participate in presentations and writing the report


  • •Bachelor’s degree in a related field, advanced degree preferred
    •Minimum of five years’ experience in researching agriculture value chains, or in evaluating or implementing activities designed to engage agriculture value chains, preferably in Uganda
    •Demonstrable skills and experience in the use of complex quantitative and qualitative methods
    •Must have demonstrated experience producing high-quality reports for evaluations of complex, multi-sector activities

About the Organization

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