AmCham Adviser: Uzbekistan

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 4 November 2019
  • Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Closing on 16 November 2019
  • Current

Job Description

The goal of the USAID-funded Future Growth Initiative (FGI) is to increase employment and jobs through increased private productivity and competitiveness. The theory of change is: “For the number of jobs to increase, businesses must grow; and for businesses to grow, constraints preventing growth must be removed.” Work performed under the E4 IDIQ is divided into three components:

Component 1: Enterprises – Fostering Competitive Industries

Component 2: Employment – Developing a Capable Workforce and Entrepreneurship

Component 3: Enabling Environments – Creating Conditions for Jobs and Investment

FGI will increase the competitiveness of high-growth industries to provide jobs and incomes for Central Asia’s growing workforce, propelling the region toward self-reliance. It will also transform market systems in ways that help high-potential firms and sectors grow, foster market linkages to match demand for workforce skills with training offered to youth and women, link entrepreneurs to high-growth markets, and build more business- and worker-friendly policy environments and institutions to sustain private sector–driven growth.

Purpose of Position

The Business Adviser will provide support to AmCham and other organizations to improve the business environment in Uzbekistan, and Central Asia more broadly. The position will seek to increase competitiveness in high growth-potential sectors through facilitating greater public-private dialogue on such issues as, but not limited to: trade, anti-corruption and rule of law, transparency and economic efficiency, agricultural development, economic diversification, SME development, and cooperation in science and technology. The Business Adviser will be embedded within the Uzbekistan AmCham and meet regularly with FGI leadership regarding program initiatives and implementation process.

Role and Responsibilities

The Business Adviser will be located in AmCham and FGI offices. They will work closely with the AmCham executive director and the FGI Country Manager to ensure that activities are aligned with the strategic priorities of each organization. The Advisor will also provide regular updates to USAID and be available for meetings as required. The duties of Business Adviser are defined as follows:

Task 1) Advance Public-Private Dialogue in Priority Sectors

The Business Adviser will provide support to USAID, AmCham, other USG agencies, and the GOU, primarily the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade in facilitating public-private dialogue on improving the business enabling environment. The goal is to improve Uzbekistan’s business environment and increase the country’s competitiveness. While based in and focused on Uzbekistan, the adviser will also seek to facilitate this public-private dialogue more broadly throughout the region. The Business Adviser will facilitate greater public-private dialogue on such issues as, but not limited to, anti-corruption and rule of law, transparency and economic efficiency, agricultural development, economic diversification/SME development, and cooperation in science and technology, giving special priority to all matters related to the expansion of commercial and investment related opportunities between Uzbekistan and the United States.



  • Develop - with assistance from the USG (USAID, U.S. Embassy), AmCham and through consultations with the GOU - an annual program for public-private dialogue that will identify key concerns of the business community within target sectors;
  • Work with AmCham to strengthen its ability to become a sustained leader in public-private dialogue in Uzbekistan. The job involves research and writing on policy issues related to trade, investment and overall economic development in Uzbekistan, sectorial reviews upon request of AmCham Committees/ BOD;
  • Support other AmChams throughout Central Asia with facilitating public-private dialogue in those countries;
  • In consultation with AmCham Uzbekstan, support greater connectivity among AmChams and/or other business entities in the region;
  • Provide monthly reports/communication to FGI that will be shared with key program stakeholders
  • Cooperate and coordinate with the GOU on initiative related to the program (e.g. meeting planning, invitation distribution);
  • Participate in and support relevant AmCham committees (Trade & Investment and Agribusiness) and help prepare new and update existing briefing papers on select topics.

Task 2) Support the Uzbek Business Enabling Environment through Outreach, Networking, Research, and Analysis

The Business Advisor will develop a series of technical white papers to inform policy making, research, and analysis around key business enabling environment constraints in Uzbekistan. Topics will be identifying through public private dialogue facilitated as part of Task 1, above, and augmented through additional research and key stakeholder meetings. White papers will be oriented towards informing and generating local support from key government and other stakeholders for policy, regulatory, and institutional reforms that will in turn support greater competitiveness, investment, and job creation in Uzbekistan. The Business Advisor will develop concepts with support from AmCham, the USG (including USAID and POL/ECON staff) and coordinate with other donor funded programs to ensure that any initiatives are complementary and build upon existing work. The job involves research and writing on policy issues related to trade, investment and overall economic development in Uzbekistan and throughout the region.


  • Liaise with private sector representatives from the U.S. and Uzbekistan, AmCham members, AMBiT, other business and professional associations, USAID and its project implementers, and GOU officials, primarily MIFT and CCIU, to implement the program and to identify potential private sector alliances;
  • In close coordination with FGI BEE team, AmCham, and/or GOU organizations, research and draft policy issues papers related to investment and trade in Uzbekistan for USAID, AmCham and/or GOU-requested information;
  • Research and draft policy issues papers related to investment and trade in other countries of Central Asia for FGI, AmCham and/or Government entities upon request;
  • Prepare briefing and policy papers, official letters, press statements, presentations, articles and other communication on program issues and initiatives;
  • Travel periodically throughout Uzbekistan and the region to participate in program-related meetings and/or to participate in or lead program-organized events.


  • Degree in relevant discipline (business, economics, international trade, finance, etc.)
  • At least 5 years of experience working in the field business enabling environments facilitation
  • Experience working in Central Asia or CIS countries
  • Demonstrated skills and understanding of the private sector development
  • Experience developing public private partnerships with large firms and business associations
  • Experience working with multidisciplinary teams with a focus on social inclusion
  • Experience reporting to multiple lines
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fluent in verbal and written English

Duration: The Future Growth Initiatives (FGI) Task Order is projected for 5 years (October 1, 2019 to September 20, 2024)

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