APMEN Programme Manager (Operations)

  • Senior-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 26 June 2016

Job Description

A new opportunity to help drive malaria elimination for 2 billion people at risk. APMEN is a Network established in 2009 to bring attention and support to the underappreciated progress being made toward malaria elimination in the Asia Pacific. It is composed of 18 Asia Pacific countries that are pursuing malaria elimination, along with leaders and experts from key multilateral and academic institutions.

A dynamic partnership of program managers, academic, private sector and other partners is looking for a Program Manager, operating out of its new office in Singapore. This position will work as part of a team taking this initiative to a new level, accelerating the region to eliminate this disease in the next 15 years. With 18 member countries, the role will expose you to an exciting range of contexts, contacts and opportunities. The malaria elimination agenda is fast moving, with unprecedented political support and momentum. This once-in-a-career opportunity will put you at the heart of the regional movement for an Asia-Pacific Free of Malaria by 2030. The position will be co-located with the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance in a new office in Singapore.

The Role

The APMEN Programme Manager (Operations) will support the APMEN Director in strengthening programmatic and operational capacity of malaria programmes within APMEN countries. Under the guidance of the Director, he/she will work closely with the Programme Manager (Technical) to ensure that the objectives and individual workplans for the two managers are complementary and synergistic, and to agree an appropriate division of labour. Specifically, the post-holder will:

  • Support APMEN to identify key programmatic capacity gaps within malaria control programmes, where targeted support to programme staff and/or implementation partners will improve high priority service delivery functions.
  • Facilitate collective problem-solving approaches to strengthen programmatic capacity, to benefit regional malaria elimination efforts.
  • Support implementation of priority programmatic strengthening activities within the region.
  • Contribute to APMEN communications and regional activities, including the convening of APMEN meetings.

An attractive compensation package is available for the right candidate.

Key responsibilities

The post-holder will have the following responsibilities:

  • Provide support to the APMEN Director in relation to addressing regional elimination needs and strengthening of health programme capacity and effectiveness.
  • Assess programmatic needs of APMEN countries on an ongoing basis, and develop strategies to evaluate and strengthen capacity in delivering effective malaria elimination efforts.
  • Oversee APMEN programme capacity strengthening activities, in alignment with agreed APMEN strategic objectives.
  • Maintain active communications with and support for APMEN Country Partners, APMEN Partner Institutions, and APMEN thematic groups, including APMEN briefings, APMEN Newsletter, and outputs on web and social media, in collaboration with the Programme Manager (Technical) and APLMA Senior Associate Strategic Communications.
  • Support planning and logistics of the APMEN Annual General Meeting, and contribute to other relevant regional meetings as necessary.

The post-holder will work with the APMEN Director and Programme Manager (Technical) to develop workplans linked to the APLMA Business Plan: these will clearly set out specific activities for the two programme managers, including identification of lead responsibility for delivery of individual outputs.

Required expertise, experience and skills

  • Qualification in a relevant field, for example, public or business administration, government affairs, public policy or development.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in relevant posts, working with a broad range of stakeholders, ideally within international health and development contexts.
  • Experience of health project management and stakeholder communications.
  • Well-developed communication skills, including experience in website maintenance, social media applications and/or other communication and networking tools.
  • Excellent writing and oral communication skills in the English language.
  • Willingness to travel.
  • Experience or familiarity with the Asia Pacific region and malaria elimination landscape.

About the Organization

The Alliance

The Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA – www.aplma.org) is an alliance of Asian and Pacific heads of government formed to accelerate progress against malaria and to eliminate it in the region by 2030 or sooner. The Alliance was formed at the 2013 East Asia Summit (EAS) in Brunei in response to leaders’ concerns about the rising risk of malaria resurgence, in particular due to increasing drug resistant malaria in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

APLMA is a distinctive platform for collective regional leadership for malaria elimination and health security, facilitating high-level engagement on the building blocks for malaria elimination. Following endorsement of the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Elimination Roadmap by 18 Heads of Government at the 2015 EAS in Malaysia, APLMA will work to increase resources available for elimination, support leaders and senior officials in creating an enabling policy environment for elimination, and track progress against an agreed Dashboard.

APLMA works with and through national and international authorities to progress elimination. Specifically, to ensure leaders and their senior officials are informed of progress, of key enablers for success, and of risks to progress. APLMA works to assist in translating the collective will of the region’s leaders into coordinated action by relevant authorities. These are structured around the 6 Roadmap Priorities and articulated in the APLMA Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network

APMEN is a Network established in 2009 to bring attention and support to the underappreciated progress being made toward malaria elimination in the Asia Pacific. It is composed of 18 Asia Pacific countries that are pursuing malaria elimination, along with leaders and experts from key multilateral and academic institutions. The Network’s Country Partners are represented by program managers and technical officers of their National Malaria Control Programmes. The goal of this diverse Network is to provide a programme-level platform to collaboratively address the unique challenges of malaria elimination in the region.

APMEN has maintained a strong partnership with APLMA since 2013 to build momentum toward the 2030 regional malaria elimination goal. Their partnership strengthens the potential to accelerate elimination efforts by harnessing APMEN’s technical expertise, partnerships and engagement with national malaria control programmes and linking this with the political advocacy and multisectorial access of APLMA.

APMEN activities will aim to engage and support malaria program implementers to sustain delivery of Leaders Roadmap priorities, through facilitating inter-country collaboration and exploring tailored solutions to address shared sub-regional technical and programmatic challenges.

More information

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