Aquaculture Specialist

SMEC International
Sri Lanka
Apply by 9 January 2009
Posted on 10 December 2008

Job Description

i) Assist personnel in the formation and operation of a program advisory committee consisting primarily of representatives from aquaculture firms with experience in Sri Lanka. Representation from ministries such as fisheries, environment and agriculture may also be required on the committee.

ii) Determine the major occupations or areas of local and international labour market demand for qualified aquaculture technologists

iii) Prepare a detailed curriculum outline for a technologist level program in aquaculture. The program content may include, among others, courses for aquaculture business owners, quality assurance, health and nutrition of aquatic organisms, costal and inland operations and environmental protection.

iv) In cooperation with the local specialist and staff, research and write content to support the curriculum outline

v) Prepare a list of reference materials, recommended textbooks, laboratory and classroom equipment and consumable supplies required to teach the program.

vi) Specify the qualifications and number of teaching and non-teaching staff required to offer the program.

vii) Describe the field, laboratory and other work areas required to accommodate a class size of 25 students

viii) Identify local and international accreditation bodies or agencies to be considered for potential program endorsement

ix) Specify the required competency standards and the means of assessing learner performance.

x) Conduct training workshops on effective teaching methods, use of media and ICT to support the teaching learning process.

Qualifications and Experience

i) Minimum of and a Master's degree in aquaculture or equivalent and five years experience in working in various aspects of aquaculture operations

ii) Minimum of 5 years teaching or training experience

iii) International experience in Sri Lanka or the region is a definite asset