Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 11 June 2018

Job Description

Context of the Assignment

For both domestic and international tourists in Zambia, Livingstone stands out as a destination of choice. The museum should be a key component of a thriving tourism infrastructure. However, experience shows that Livingstone Museum attracts few visitors, and there are few links between the Museum and the private tourism sector in Livingstone.

The museum cannot rely on income through entrance fees only. To be financially self-sufficient, the Museum needs a much stronger commercial orientation creating several income streams. For example:

  • A well-stocked craft and souvenir shop corresponding to the exhibitions and potentially developing a specialist “heritage” crafts collection.
  • Special arrangements with tourist establishments and special occasions for tourists.
  • Events that are organised together with the local business community.
  • Mutual promotion and sponsorship arrangements between the Museum and surrounding private sector tourist attractions/activities.
  • International grants to support research and exhibitions.

The National Museums Board has made it clear that a modern way of museums management must include commercial principles. The proposed project is designed to demonstrate what that means in practice in the Zambian context, setting the path towards financial self-sustainability.

Therefore for the revitalisation of Livingstone Museum and its integration into the city’s tourism offer, PEPZ would like to commission an expert to assess the capabilities and commercial potential of Livingstone Museum.

Overall responsibilities of the consultant

Specifically, this 2-3-week assignment will cover three components:

  1. Identify any serious constraints to the design or implementation of a commercial strategy for Livingstone Museum arising from the policy, legal, organisational and financial environment within which the museum operates;
  2. Assess the potential scope and range of sources to develop new institutional, grant and commercial partnerships/income streams for Livingstone Museum; and
  3. Define realistic short-term (within 2018) goals to be achieved through institutional capacity building delivered with PEPZ support and outline a longer-term commercial strategy for the museum.


  • A short report setting out key findings and recommendations
  • A presentation of initial findings and recommendations to PEPZ and National Museum board team.

Please refer to the attached document for requirements to the candidate and selection criteria.

About the Organization

The Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ), funded by UKaid, works with and through the Zambian private sector at the intersection of profitable business growth and inclusive economic growth. The core of the PEPZ value offer to potential partners is formulated under three headings:

Capital: Our cost-sharing financial intervention mechanisms designed to incentivise business innovation that will benefit Zambian SMEs and micro-enterprises;

Capacity: Our internal expertise and our network of external specialist consultants who can help intervention partners design and implement solutions; and

Connections: Our networks and contacts that allow us to facilitate business connections and transactions.

PEPZ focuses on three target sectors important to the Zambian economy: food and agriculture, mining and mining services and tourism and hospitality.

More information

Livingstone Museum Final TOR.pdf

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