Assessment of SMEs for Business Advisory Services (BAS)

  • Posted on 23 February 2021

Job Description


The main objective is to assess five (5) firms in Ethiopia in order to identify the five (5) top priorities of support

from Business advisory service providers (BASP). The assessment is divided into the following categories:

  1. Operation management evaluation
  2. Financial position evaluation
  3. Company’s sales and revenue
  4. Human Resources evaluation

Assessment Guideline

A. Output 1: Assessment of operation management. For each firm, there is an assessment of how the operation of the business is managed. This includes assessing strategies, policies, manuals and standard operating procedures of each department of the company. It includes how the company hires, trains, and manages staff. It also includes processes and procedures. Likewise, the assessment should determine if the firm is adequately staffed.

B. Output 2: Assessment of Financial Position. One way to evaluate your company is to look at your financial soundness. In addition to having enough money to pay your bills on time, you should have extra cash, or enough access to credit, to order supplies, pay emergency bills or expand your business. A company evaluation that examines your monetary position uses financial documents such as a balance sheet, accounts receivable and payable, profit-and-loss statement, annual budget, and cash flow statement.

C. Output 3: Assessment of how the firm generates sales and revenue. This includes product pricing strategy of the company, product competitiveness, marketing and sales strategy. The detail assessment of how the firms is generating sales and revenue and the review the current revenue stream.

D. Output 4: Human Resources Evaluation. This includes assessing the organizational structure of the business and resources required form key executives, to department heads, to managers, to coordinators and staff. It also includes evaluation of job descriptions for each position and assessing if necessary tasks are performed by the right people, based on their place in your organizational structure.

E. Output 5: Recommendation. For each output, based on the state of each SME, provide a recommendation for each including the necessity human capital for BASP and BDS facilitation and delivery. The recommendation is basically extern services required for the company to succeed and the type of services required to assist MSME entrepreneurs to operate efficiently and grow their businesses with the aim of contributing to revenue/sales growth, export growth, and employment generation. The Recommendation may include range of activities that improve the performance of the enterprise, its access to markets, and its ability to compete etc or an array to assistance it requires: such as staff training, marketing, information, technology development and transfer, business linkage promotion. It could be both strategic (medium-to-long term issues that improve performance) and operational (day-to-day issues). It may also be mechanisms to address market failures such as lack of information (market opportunities, rules and regulations, access to credit, quality standards for export, etc.) which can act as a barrier to faster economic development and growth.


The assessment team is responsible for the following deliverables:

  1. A 2-page company profile submitted per company to MS4G. Names of the companies and contact information will be provided.
  2. A 10-15 page draft of written assessment report with recommendation per company. A report template will be provided.
  3. Final report submitted to MS4G incorporating any recommendations for improvement to which the MS4G team and USAID provide concurrence.
  4. Virtual presentation to MS4G and USAID highlighting key findings recommendations within 12 weeks. Presentation will be conducted via Microsoft Team or other platform determined in conjunction Palladium and include at least 10 slides per company.

See the attached RFP for full details.

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