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Posted on 5 June 2018

Job Description

Request for Expression of Interest (REOI)

REOI IAU CS1801 - Recruitment of an Audit Advisor

The Internal Audit Unit of the Ministry of Finance & Economic Management (MFEM) is seeking a qualified Audit Advisor (the “Advisor”) to assist the unit to be able to develop its capacity in performing more Risk Based Audits according to the Vanuatu Government Risk matrix table which has highlighted the areas of extreme risk to the government, increase the confidence of Internal Audit staff to work independently to issue the Risk Based Audit, to have an updated Audit Charter to be able to be used and an updated manual that suits the environment.

The assistance will enable the issuance of more quality Risk Based Audit reports to the line ministries in a timely manner according to the audit plan and to update the legal documents for Internal Audit Unit to be able to work according to professional standards.

In general terms the advisor will be required to provide advice and training relating to:

  1. Assistance to the Internal Audit Manager and the Internal Audit staff in performing the Risk Based Audit using the Teammate audit software
  2. Updating the legal framework of Internal Audit Unit in regards to updating the Audit Charter and the Internal Audit Manual
  3. Assistance to the Internal Auditors of MFEM to be able to participate in the Certified Government Auditing Professional programme which the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) in Australia provides to enable them to be certified Government Internal Auditors in the public sector.

The individual would be expected to cover a significant subset of the following capabilities and skills:

  • The Technical Advisor shall be a Senior Auditor with a recognised university degree in accounting / auditing (or related field e.g. MBA). Membership and registration of recognised national or international professional associations / bodies (Chartered Accountant, Auditor) are essential
  • At least 10 years of relevant professional experience in public accounting, internal auditing

Standards or government accounting;

  • Be familiar or knowledge of the legal framework of Internal Audit
  • Knowledge of Risk Based Audit or experience in undertaking similar audits
  • Ability and knowledge to use Teammate audit software
  • Ability to write technical notes, reports and training documents
  • Prior experience in Melanesian governments would be an advantage; and
  • Prior work experience in Vanuatu

There is no restriction on the nationality, citizenship or current residence of the candidate. Interested applicants should fill in the Request for Expression on Interest (REOI) – Documents will include all REOI requirements and response forms and copy of the full Terms of Reference can be downloaded from:

Responses for EOI can be emailed to the Secretary, Central Tenders Board, Mr Yannick Hughes on by latest Friday 28th of June 2018 (11:00 local Port Vila time [GMT +11] and hard copy to be send by post to the Secretary, Central Tenders Board, Ministry of Finance & Economic Management, Top Floor, Melitco Building, PMB 9058, Port Vila in sealed envelope and be clearly marked “REOI Ref: IAU CS1801 - Recruitment of Internal Audit Unit Advisor”

For clarifications of the content of this Request for Expression of Interest, and any further information contact:

Mrs Leisongi Oscar – Internal Audit Manager, Internal Audit Unit, Ministry of Finance & Economic Management (MFEM)

Contact: +678 23032 or

More information

03 - REOI Document word version - Audit Advisor.doc
04 - Terms of reference.docx
01 - Advertisement Document - Audit Advisor.docx

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