Bridge/Geo-technical Engineer - Afghanistan

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 10 September 2019

Job Description

SHELADIA is seeking a Bridge/Geotechnical Engineer with the below experience in Afghanistan.

The Bridge/Geotechnical Engineer shall have a degree in civil engineering, with preference being given to candidates holding a postgraduate degree in structural engineering with extensive geotechnical experience. He/she should preferably have 12 years’ experience or more, of which ten years shall be in structural design of concrete structures, demonstrating:

  • experience in design and construction of bridges and other road project structures;
  • experience on various structural designs and documentations including design of all required earthworks including roadway embankments, retaining walls, drainage and any other required structures;
  • experience in rock excavation and removal for roadway structures and embankments; and
  • supervision of the work of field teams with respect to certifying construction in accordance with contract conditions;
  • is fluent in English; and
  • has regional experience in Central Asia.

Detailed tasks include:

  • (i) Coordination of construction supervision of all Project structural elements, including temporary works, earthworks, bridges, retaining walls, drainage culverts and any other structures including the management of the Bridge/Geotechnical engineering team in coordination with the Team Leader and the Senior Resident Engineer.
  • (ii) Review and approve the design of temporary works, including shuttering and scaffolding, for suitability and safety during construction.
  • (iii) Review and approve the construction schedule for all earthworks including rock excavation and removal and structural elements, in consultation with the Materials/Pavement Engineer.
  • (iv) Review and approve the Contractor’s proposed quality assurance and quality control systems and procedures for earthworks including rock excavation and removal and structural works
  • (v) Inspect contractor’s personnel to ensure that they are properly trained, supervised and equipped with the necessary tools and equipment for their personal safety
  • (vi) Review and approve quality control test results and certificates for all earthworks including rock excavation and removal and structural elements.
  • (vii) Establish the schedule, methods and procedures for the construction supervision of all earthworks including rock excavation and removal and structural elements.
  • (viii) Inform the Project Manager of any quality and safety issue for bridge and rock excavation and removal work

How to Apply: Applications should include a CV and cover letter.

This position is open until filled. Please send CVs to

Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications that we receive, we may not be able to respond to each individual candidate. Please respect our no phone calls policy.

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer

About the Organization

SHELADIA Associates is a multi-disciplinary international professional consulting firm with demonstrated experience in the successful management and implementation of development projects throughout the world. SHELADIA believes that practicality and sustainability in development projects require flexible resource management, active participation of all the entities involved, and a shared goal of strengthening institutions, and operational systems, to optimize the use of available resources.

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