Business Enabling Environment Advisor

  • Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 15 June 2018

Job Description


The purpose of the Transforming Market Systems (TMS) Activity is to foster competitive, resilient, and inclusive market systems that provide increased economic opportunities that incorporate poor, marginalized Hondurans and reduce incentives to migrate. TMS will apply a market systems development approach to tackle the root causes behind the vicious cycles that marginalize people and businesses, and identify leverage points that result in virtuous new ways of doing business and expanded economic opportunities. This will result in sustainable increases in income, through more business sales and jobs for Hondurans, including marginalized populations, while building the foundation for broad-based, long-term economic growth.

Job Description:
  1. Apply the Climate, Legal and Institutional Reform (CLIR) framework to analyze and prioritize the binding formal and informal policies, regulations or rules that constrain private sector actors from: (1) starting a business (2) dealing with licenses (3) accessing credit (4) trading across borders (5) registering property (6) protecting investors (7) employing workers and (8) paying taxes, as well as: (9) resolving disputes (10) infrastructure (11) fairly competing and (12) inclusion of women, youth and other marginalized persons (13) formalization and (14) providing services to entrepreneurs.
  2. Interview key stakeholders with private sector, civil society and public-sector actors to identify necessary reforms to the business enabling environment that will facilitate improved competitiveness - trade, competition and investment - as well as resiliency and inclusiveness that will result in more dynamic, growing and efficient markets.
  3. Identify a set of BEE actions with potential to a) affect systemic change within target sectors, b) impact the drivers of migration, c) raise incomes in USAID DO1 and DO2 zones, d) create inclusive economic opportunities for women, youth and marginalized persons in the policy process and e) result in a more equitable political economy.

Travel Dates: July 15-August 4, 2018


10 years’ experience in private sector development consulting for donor-funded programs

Knowledge of business enabling environment issues including policies and regulations affecting private firms

Ability to analyze and recommend solutions for policies that will support private firms/private sector

Spanish fluency preferred

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