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  • Posted on 13 July 2020
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Job Description

The Program Director provides overall leadership and direction for the $18 million, five year (2019 - 2024) Catalyzing and Learning through Private Sector Engagement for Biodiversity Conservation (CAL-PSE) program led by CIAT.

Overview of the Program

The Catalyzing and Learning through Private Sector Engagement for Biodiversity Conservation (CAL-PSE) has been co-designed with USAID/Brazil to support USAID/Brazil’s private sector engagement (PSE) strategy by facilitating partnerships developed through the Partnership Platform for the Amazon and its activities, and by implementing participatory evaluation and learning regarding best practices related to PSE.

USAID/Brazil’s PSE strategy’s main objective is to catalyze a sustainable Amazon economy that fosters empowered, sustainable communities, and conserves biodiversity, forests and natural resources. It has the following key entry points:

  1. Develop relationships, leadership, and partnerships among private sector actors with and through the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA).
  2. Facilitate, pilot test, and scale up unique and promising models, best practices, and partnerships, including PPPs, with transformational potential to increase benefits to communities and biodiversity in co-creation and co-investment models under the PPA.
  3. Mobilize private social investment capital, new financial institutions, impact investing and credit in the Amazon linked to positive impacts on environmental and social well-being. (Examples underway include the PPA Acceleration and Investment Program, Amazon Crowd-lending, and the Althelia Biodiversity Fund.)
  4. Implement a robust, jointly-led with private sector, monitoring, evaluation, and learning metrics, systems, and processes across these approaches to disseminate learning and influence policies and best practices in Brazil and share with broader USAID stakeholders

CIAT, through the CAL-PSE, represents an innovative model to implement USAID/Brazil’s PSE strategy, playing both a facilitation a role for the PPA and it’s partnership projects, and a leadership role in monitoring, evaluation and learning by establishing robust long-term methodologies and tools that evaluate how private-sector led collective actions, partnerships, leadership and investments impact community well-being and biodiversity conservation in the Amazon. As such, CAL-PSE has two main components:1) Facilitating the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) as an autonomous, sustainable private sector led collective action platform, which aims to influence sustainable economic development and biodiversity conservation, and which serves as a platform and umbrella for shared, co-designed, co-financed solutions, partnership and projects in the Amazon; 2) Leading a robust, participatory, long-term, practical, and cost-effective monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) approach to produce evidence and learning regarding how USAID and others can facilitate private sector led solutions, such as the PPA and its projects, as well as how private sector engagement initiatives contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and community livelihoods.

The CAL-PSE Program Director will be based in Brasilia (Brazil) and will be responsible for overall project management, including: providing vision, leadership, and guidance for the project team; developing and implementing work plans; overseeing operational budgets and performance monitoring plans; liaising with the USAID mission, key government stakeholders at the national and subnational levels, and other research and private sector organizations; identifying and mitigating project risks; and ensuring achievement of project results and objectives.

The Program Director will supervise project staff and ensure strong coordination, communication, and adaptive management across the consortium of partners, for all elements of the project components, and with USAID/Brazil, the PPA, and private sector companies. The Program Director is expected to have strategic vision, strong leadership qualities, depth and breadth of technical expertise in project management related to the program’s objectives, and the professional reputation, management experience, interpersonal skills, and written and oral presentation skills to fulfill the diverse technical and managerial requirements of the role.

Job Responsibilities:

Strategic, operational and management oversight and leadership of the CAL-PSE program

● Provide strategic direction, technical and management leadership to produce project results

● Collaboratively creates and implements a strategic, long-term programmatic vision

● Manage program operations, leading and ensuring the development of annual planning and timely, high quality implementation of activities and deliverables

● Manage the overall work plan and budget and ensure the submission of timely and accurate program/technical, financial, and procurement reports

● Monitors the progress and pace of project implementation, assuring that the full potential of the program is realized through the promotion of high quality work and internal control

● Ensure excellent team performance through leadership, supervision and strong coordination across the CAL-PSE team members, including multi-disciplinary team of experts made up of direct hires and consultants, MEL and research members, and broader PPA teams

● Ensure close collaboration with Cali-based administrative, technical, financial, legal and contracts staff of CIAT, to ensure that operational systems are in place to support local CALPSE team and partners’ activities including contracts design and payments

● Ensure that high quality technical and financial reporting are delivered and timely responsiveness is provided to USAID requests.

● Select and oversee partners and sub-grantees, monitor project milestones, and ensure that deliverables are submitted in a timely manner.

● Ensure that the project is responsive to partners.

● Provide technical leadership for project activities in close collaboration with USAID and PPA, through a co-creation approach, including conceptualizing, designing, implementing and monitoring innovative, cutting-edge PSE-led, evaluation and learning approaches;

● Proactively identifies, communicates and addresses obstacles and risks related to implementation in a timely manner and implement strategies to overcome them

● Exercise sound financial management skills including effective project spending and communicates proactively when changes occur


● Serve as the principal interlocutor with USAID; Establish and maintain strong relationships with USAID to ensure effective coordination, financial and technical reporting, communication, adaptive management, and learning of project activities, including contract, procedural, and substantive matters, and be responsible for quality control of the technical aspects of performance, procurement, personnel, reporting, and other management-related contract requirements; ensure that the project team adheres to the USAID’s Activity Description and to the procedures, rules and policies of USAID and CIAT.

● Establish and maintain strong relationships with the PPA to ensure effective coordination, communication, adaptive management, and learning

● Represent CIAT and CAL-PSE on the Conselho Consultivo of the PPA and lead a community of practice among local stakeholders

● Develop and maintain a strong understanding of the national context and relevant initiatives related to biodiversity conservation, land use and natural resources management, community well-being, and social and economic aspects related to conservation, in order to ensure that Program outputs and outcomes are relevant to the region.

● Establish and maintain strong relationships with local stakeholders, including Brazilian universities and other academic organizations, relevant ministries and agencies, civil society and private sector organizations, international donor institutions, various project stakeholders, and other USAID and U.S. government-funded initiatives, as needed

Ensure strong performance of CAL-PSE’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Component

● Provide thought leadership and technical vision for the learning agenda for the project, use lessons learned to modify project approaches and strategies, and disseminate findings

● Oversee and ensure the project implementation and deliverables related to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)

● Ensure efficient management and coordination of implementing partners and local partners across the country;

● Supervise a team of professionals and experts across various technical and functional areas

● Engage with local stakeholders and community of practice to disseminate lessons learned

Ensure strong performance of CAL-PSE’s PPA Facilitation Roles

● Supports the CAL-PSE intended role to facilitate the PPA as an autonomous, long-term and sustainable private sector engagement platform for the conservation of the biodiversity

● Provide thought leadership related to long-term strategy, PPA governance, and implementation

● Provide feedback as needed related to PPA policies, and manual development and implementation

● Build a strong working relationship with the PPA Executive Secretariat in order to ensure that PPA project design, implementation, management and performance monitoring are aligned to the the PPA objectives, goals, manuals and policies;

● Promote adaptive management and PPA learning, and contribute to the overall learning agenda of the PPA and PSE engagement under CAL-PSE with USAID in Brazil

● Ensure collaborative working relationship between the PPA team and the Learning and Evaluation team of the Program, to promote evidence-based learning during the overall program implementation, monitoring and evaluation

● Ensure collaborative working relationship with USAID in order to support the co-design and development of bilateral partnership proposals under the umbrella of the PPA.

Required Qualifications:

● A minimum of five years of experience as a Chief of Party, Deputy COP, or Project Director with proven success in the design, management, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation on a project of similar size and scope (USAID experience preferred) with skills in strategic planning, work plan and deliverables management, adaptive management, team supervision, complex budgeting, and consortium building, preferably in the areas of environment, natural resource management, forests and sustainable agricultural value chain development, private sector engagement projects, and/or program evaluation.

● Demonstrated understanding of social, economic, legislative, environmental, and cultural contexts, challenges and opportunities of the Brazilian Amazon especially with regard to sustainable economic development and conservation issues;

● Experience living or working in Brazil strongly preferred.

● Demonstrated experience working with private sector engagement, in sustainable finance, innovation and public-private partnerships

● Proven ability in establishing relationships with public and private sector networks required

● Masters degree in a relevant field required.

● Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Portuguese required; fluency in Spanish desirable.

About the Organization

The Organization

The Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) delivers research-based solutions that harness agricultural biodiversity and sustainably transform food systems to improve people’s lives. Alliance solutions address the global crises of malnutrition, climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental degradation.

With novel partnerships, the Alliance generates evidence and mainstreams innovations to transform food systems and landscapes so that they sustain the planet, drive prosperity, and nourish people.

The Alliance is part of CGIAR, a global research partnership for a food-secure future.

Catalyzing and Learning through Private Sector Engagement for Biodiversity Conservation (CAL-PSE) is a program that aims to influence sustainable economic development and biodiversity conservation in the Brazilian Amazon, by facilitating and consolidating a private sector led collective action platform. CALPSE applies a monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) approach to produce evidence and learning around how USAID can facilitate private sector led solutions, as well as how private sector engagement initiatives contributes to the conservation of biodiversity and community livelihoods.

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